Deadmau5 at Cabana Pool Bar, Surprise Show in Toronto


Deadmau5 at Cabana
Deadmau5 at Cabana pool bar

On Sunday Sept. 8th 2013, Toronto’s Deadmau5 surprised staff of Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto by showing up, before guests arrived, asking if he could play some tracks. For the following 3 hours Deadmau5 entertained Cabana Staff and the sudden influx of fans and patrons who heard about the unexpected set.

Fans online thought the show had been planned and vented about not having proper notice.

Deadmau5 at Cabana

Deadmau5 at Cabana
Deadmau5 Post on Facebook

Though a possible hint from the Mau5 in the AM through his twitter account.

Deadmau5 at Cabana

Check out this video I filmed of a Rage Against the Machine Mix. (Watch in HD)
(Deadmau5 X Rage Against The Machine)



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