“A Day in the Life” with Canadian author Najwa Zebian

A Lebanese-Canadian activist, author, speaker, and educator, Najwa Zebian is one of the most recognizable names in poetry today. With a passion for language stemming from her early years of childhood discovering Arabic poetry and novels, Zebian draws on her own experience of displacement, discrimination, and abuse to bring her work to life. Her words offer healing to anyone on a journey of self-discovery and rebuilding.

After arriving in Canada at the age of sixteen, Zebian completed her education and went on to become a teacher. Through writing poetry for her first class of students, a group of young refugees, Zebian began exploring her own voice. Since self-publishing her first collection of poetry and prose in 2016, Najwa has become an inspiration to millions of people worldwide and a trailblazing voice for women everywhere.

Najwa Zebian
Najwa performing with the London Symphonia with singer Maryem Tollar along and composer Scott Good in a concert blending stories, poetry and song
Najwa Zebian
Speaking at 50 Shades of Pink; an event to raise awareness for breast cancer
Najwa Zebian
Najwa taking a quiet moment to write and express herself through poetry


Najwa Zebian
A poetry reading at Strand Book Store in NYC during the Sparks of Phoenix book tour
Najwa Zebian
Najwa proudly creates all her own content on a daily basis; she is pictured here working on a social media post
Najwa Zebian
Najwa at the Toronto Eaton Centre Indigo before a poetry reading and book signing
Najwa Bedian
Najwa enjoying spring weather in London and taking a break for some personal time between meetings
Najwa Zebian
Najwa being interviewed by Lisa Bilyeu for Women of Impact – a beautiful and inspiring conversation


What neighbourhood are you in?

My neighbourhood in London, Ontario is very quiet, surrounded by many natural parks and shopping places.  One of my favourite restaurants is right around the corner, too!

What do you do?

I am an activist for myself and for anyone who struggles with pain, finding their own voice and rebuilding themselves. I use writing and poetry as vehicles for the healing that I hope to give to both myself and the world.

What are you currently working on?

My third book, Sparks of Phoenix, was just released in March so I am busy making sure it makes its way out into the world and can help as many people as possible. I am also currently working on my fourth book of poetry.

Where can we find your work?

My three books, Mind Platter, The Nectar of Pain and Sparks of Phoenix, are available wherever books are sold. They are available as audiobooks, as well as on Kindle, Kobo etc. I share snippets on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube @najwazebian



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