“A Day in the Life” with local filmmaker Daniela Pinto

I could tell you about how many awards Daniela Pinto won in college (four), or how many festivals her thesis film “Priya” has gotten into (four, and they’re still counting), or how many instruments she can play (three). I could tell you about how many positions she can work in the sound field (all of them), or how quickly she found success after graduating (almost immediately). But instead I’m going to tell you about the Dani I know. 

Dani loves dogs. She Skypes people using her boom mic. She still plays Pokemon and she built her own computer that glows in neon colours. She loves to cook and make fancy salads, and she’s good at both. She plays a lot of video games and draws inspiration from them. She goes to orchestra concerts and actually enjoys vegetables. She drinks beer. She’s thoughtful and an excellent gift-giver. 

Working with Dani is a delight. Her skill and knowledge in her field are a guarantee, but it’s her passionate aura that really makes her a favourite colleague. The way she cares about her work makes you care about yours, too. She solves problems with ease, and never gives anything short of 110%. She’s successful because she puts her heart into everything she does.

And finally, she would kill me if I didn’t include that her favourite film is “Bend It Like Beckham”, which in her words, is ‘the pinnacle of South Asian cinema’. 

– Written by Rebekah Terpstra

Daniela Pinto - Real Asian International Film Festival Toronto
I’m about to go on a tour of the Steam Whistle brewery on my birthday (it’s my favourite Canadian beer)
Daniela Pinto - Real Asian International Film Festival
Shooting my documentary “Us = Them” with DOP Abigail Chan and co-director Kyle Smith
Me speaking on a panel at the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal, where my film “Priya” had its world premiere
Daniela Pinto
Me and my “Priya” crew at the Sheridan Screen Arts Awards 2018. We took home the award for Best Screenplay
Daniela Pinto
My documentary “Us = Them” is about a gay Muslim man telling his story anonymously. Here is a picture from our interview session
Daniel Pinto
On a short film shoot at Long Point, Ontario, I took a break to record some beach ambiences for my sound effects library
Daniel Pinto
I’m discussing our shot list on the set of “Priya” with DOP Abigail Chan and AC Rachel Switzer. Proud to have had so many talented women on our camera team!
In this photo I’m mixing a short documentary called Nebula, directed by Anders Gatten


What ‘hood are you in?

I live in Mississauga right now, but I’m hoping to move to Toronto within the next year or so.

What do you do?

I am a freelancer in the film industry working primarily working in sound. I wear a lot of different hats – I am a location sound mixer, a sound editor, a re-recording mixer, and a composer. I’ve worked on documentaries, commercials, short films, feature films, and even VR projects. I’m a huge nerd and love to learn as much as I can about my craft, and that constant pursuit of knowledge and skill is what drives me forward. I love to write and direct my own projects as well, but I try to save that creative energy for ideas I’m really passionate about, such as my short drama “Priya” which will be screening at Reel Asian this year.

What are you currently working on? 

Currently, I am mixing a few short films, and will be recording location sound for a few other projects this month. I’ve also been developing an idea for a music video that I want to direct, which I am hoping to shoot some time next year.

Where can we find your work?

My website would be the best place to go for that: www.danielapinto.com. I also actively post about what I’m currently up to on both Twitter and Instagram

My short film Priya will be premiering at Reel Asian International Film Festival (Nov 8-16), Toronto as part of Uprooted shorts program on Nov 14 and Spectrum shorts program on Nov 12.



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