5 fun facts most people don’t know about Canada

Most of the stories written about Canada are mainly things that you may already know. For example, many people do not know that much of Canada is uninhabited. More so, winter in Canada is notorious. Interestingly, Canadians are very polite, and it is a major tourist destination. Furthermore, Canada is a modern country with a lot to discover, but some of it requires you to live there.

However, before you take a trip to Canada, you may want to know the other side that no one wants to tell you. Let’s take you through it.

Canada is massive

Canada is massive, and it is bigger than the United States. Surprising right? However, most of the population in Canada lives closer together. Canadians prefer buses to travel, unlike Americans in the US, where trains are used for long-distance travel.

Some geography experts argue that it’s only when you add the water areas that Canada is bigger than the US. The summary is that Canada is massive and bigger than their powerful next-door neighbor.

Number one donut consumer in the world

Canada consumes more than 1 billion donuts a year. Interestingly, Canada has a population of just about 30 million. Canadians love to eat donuts. You can barely find a Canadian coffee shop that doesn’t offer donuts on its menu.

No locking of houses in Churchill Manitoba

The tradition here is that people don’t lick their houses or doors because of the polar bears. The essence is to keep the door open in case a polar bear attacks; the victim can escape easily. Moreover, Churchill is in the center of Polar Bear Alley. Polar bears walk freely, and people here have learned to coexist with this mighty animal.

Weird town names

Canada seems to have some of the weirdest names for towns and cities. On the east coast of the country, you will find a town called Dildo. Then in Alberta, there is a town called Sexsmith. If you are a visitor, you might wonder if these are the names of towns and cities or just their nicknames. There is a town called St. Louis du Ha! Ha, in Quebec.

Canadians are nice

Compared to their neighbors, Canadians have a reputation for being nice to visitors and even emigrants. You can walk up to a Canadian and ask for help, and you are 80 percent likely to get it. Moreso, neighbors often welcome new people into their neighborhood with a meal, snacks, and other gifts. In addition, you can ask your neighbors how to make some traditional foods or cocktails or how to make a simple slime, and they will help you if they know how.


Canada welcomes immigrants, but if you want to get a job, you may have to obtain another certification. Unfortunately, Canada often prefers its certificate to any other. The same goes for licenses. You need to go through another driving lesson to get a license here. Finally, you can visit bestcanadanews.com to learn more about Canada.



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