Awesome Features on Samsung’s New Lineup of Mobile Devices

We recently got to test out several items from Samsung’s new product line of mobile devices and accessories that include their phones, ear buds and watches. We wanted to share with our readers some of our favourite features so you can decide if these products are right for you.

Galaxy Z Fold4

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is a unique device that when folded up can be used like a regular smartphone but can also be opened up for a larger tablet or desktop experience. You can also buy a “pen” for the device for writing notes or drawing. One of my biggest questions about these new foldable devices was whether or not the crease can be seen when using it. Although the crease does show when the device is open but the screen is off, once illuminated the crease is not noticeable. Here are some of my favourite features from this mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Fully Functioning Smart Phone on Main Screen – When the device is closed, the front panel is a fully functioning smartphone.

Larger Experience with Desktop Experience / Tablet Experience – If you want a desktop or tablet experience, the phone opens to create a square tablet like device for a larger viewing area and more functionality like a desktop.

Chrome Split Screen Mode to have multiple browser windows at once – Multitask with multiple browser windows allowing you to keep track of many things at once.

Use multiple apps at the same time – Watch a movie or game while responding to texts as well as a third app – This makes it easy to not lose track of what you are working on. Take notes from a browser window while watching a show or texting with a friend.

S series camera system with 50MP – Zoom in and crop and still maintain high resolution – The camera is very powerful and has such crisp images that you can zoom in and crop and still maintain 12MP images.

Galaxy Z Flip4

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is Samsung’s smaller foldable device. When open it is slightly taller (longer?) than a regular smartphone giving the user more real estate to work with. When folded, the phone can easily fit into a smaller pocket and the light weight is great for those who don’t want a clunky device to carry around. Here are some of my favourite features from this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Small size is great for tight pockets – Whether you have smaller pockets, tighter pants or just a shirt pocket, this device is the tiniest smartphone when folded. Probably its greatest feature.

More screen size when open than normal phones – The larger screen size when unfolded gives the user more space on the device to fit their apps and communication tools.

Front small touchscreen for quick info – You don’t have to open the phone to access all of its features. The small screen on the front of the phone can tell you the time, notifications, control music and record voice notes.

Crease disappears when image on screen – Just like the Fold4, the Flip4’s fold does not show when the device is in use.

Flex Mode when open shifts screen to top portion – Use the device like a laptop. Take Zoom calls, selfies, group photos by placing the device on a surface half folded. The screen will cut in half to show the new area of view.

Samsung Watch5 and Watch5 Pro

The Samsung Watch5 and Watch 5 Pro are great for monitoring your health in various ways as well as tracking your workouts. I recently visited the downtown fitness club Sweat and Tonic to take part in a spinning class with Samsung and their new line of watches. We got to test out the watches as well as learn about their features and uses. Here are a few of my favourite takeaways from the event.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 / Watch5 Pro

Advanced Sleep Coaching – analyzes sleep patterns and creates a 5-week program with helpful tips and checklists for a better sleep.

More accurate heart-rate reading – Curved design allows for better readings.

BIA sensor – reads body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, and basal metabolic rate.

1.4 Inch Screen

Battery life – Pro model has a 590 mAh compared to the 410 mAh of the non pro model.

Watch5 has a new sapphire crystal display – More scratch resistance and the Pro added a titanium body to increase damage resistance further.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro bluetooth ear buds are best suited for workouts, commuting and working while listening to music. Some of our favourite features include:

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

24bit Hi-Fi sound – for a high quality listening experience.

Improved noise cancelling – Reduced exterior sound.

Ergonomic design – improves comfort of the device as well as staying put while making sudden movements.

360 degrees audio – for that full surround sound experience.

Battery Life – Almost 6 hours of battery life with charging storage case adding another 2.5 hours of life.

IPX7 for submersion in water – Can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes


Visit the Samsung website for more info and to purchase the devices.




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