Chotto Matte Toronto Launches New Nikkei Brunch Experience

Downtown Toronto has a new weekend food experience with Chotto Matte’s Nikkei Brunch menu. Every Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., guests are invited to try some unique and delicious creations from the the city’s best Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

Chotto Matte Nikkei Brunch Experience
Tuna Tataki

Brunchers will be able to choose from the prix-fixed menu or individual items. To get a taste for what there was to offer, we went with the menu which rings in at $90 per person, a bit more than your average brunch but the offerings are diverse and plentiful.

The menu has several items that are fixed, with some that can be chosen from a list. The fixed items include appetizers Edamame, King Oyster Mushroom Tostada, Spicy Prawn Bao, Tuna Tataki as well as the sushi selections, Sato Maki and Hamachi Nigiri. The menu also allows guests to choose 3 of the following 6 options. Charcoal Roasted Sweet Potato, Amazonian BBQ Salmon, Pollo Den Miso, Chuleta De Coredero Ahumada, Black Cod Aji Miso and Wagyu Striploin. Dessert is a chef’s choice selection that changes.

Chotto Matte Nikkei Brunch Experience
King Oyster Mushroom Tostada

If you are looking for drinks with your meal, Chotto Matte offers “Free-Flowing Prosecco & Cocktails”. For $55 per person, guests can take their time and drink to their heart’s content.

Chotto Matte also offers a vegetarian version of the menu with items including a Jungle Salad, Lychee Ceviche, El Jardin Roll, Avocado Nigiri, Vegetales Tempura, Nasu Miso and BBQ Huacatay Broccolini.

Chotto Matte Nikkei Brunch Experience
Amazonian BBQ Salmon

Some of our favourites off the menu were the King Oyster Mushroom Tostada which contains mushrooms in a spicy sauce atop a hard tostado cracker, the Spicy Prawn Bao which is a breaded shrimp inside a soft bao with pickled Japanese mustard leaf, which is delicious, and a creamy spiced sauce, Tuna Tataki with its spicy red jalapeño salsa, the Hamachi nigiri, the Amazonian BBQ Salmon with black potato puree with pecans and topped with a sweet curry sauce, and the Black Cod Aji Miso which is a delicate and flaky cod dish with a delicious sweetness to its marinade. The desserts we had were also delicious. Grilled pineapple atop a creme brulée type dish with a spicy burnt top and raspberry sorbet on the side. We also tried the brownie with a strawberry coulis and mango sorbet.

Chotto Matte Nikkei Brunch Experience
Black Cod Aji Miso

The interior of the Yonge and Bay location is also magnificent. Lush plants and beautiful decor full the large space. Modern art mixes well with the jungle and classically designed furnishings. On weekends a live DJ is also playing music for guests.

If you are looking for a fun and mouth-watering foodie experience, be sure to try our Chotto Matte’s new Nikkei Brunch Experience!

Chotto Matte Nikkei Brunch Experience




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