“A Day in The Life” with illustrator and muralist, Sarah Alinia Ziazi

Sarah Alinia Ziazi is a complicated, beautiful artistic woman. She lives for the creative freedom to “make,” and make, she does. My relationship with Sarah began when we were both students at University. I understood the level of talent she had when a professor used to belittle her out of jealousy. That confirmed just how talented she had to be. And I knew I had to be a part of her life.

Sarah Alinia Ziazi recently completed an ephemeral mural series entitled “Primary Idols” at The Drake this past December 2021, and it’s currently on view for the public. This tryptic of mirrored paintings embody self-acceptance through three primary colours. Symbolism is a big part of her art practice, and each work has its unique language. As a woman of colour, Sarah understands how to strategically use her background as an advantage to promote a healthy representation for all people. Her artwork embodies the intersectionality between the female form and deeply personal themes of race relations.

Hidden meanings and messages are always evident in Sarah’s illustrations, and every time she completes a new painting, I look forward to piecing a new puzzle to her life story.

-Written by a colleague and friend.

Sarah Alinia Ziazi
This is my desk where most of my digital works get created. I’m such a homebody and I love making art more than anything!
Sarah Alinia Ziazi
This is me in front of one of my paintings. Untitled for now.
This is the full view of the fourth-floor mural at The Drake entitled, “Primary Idols”. I have a slight obsession with clean lines and smooth textures.
This is an editorial illustration on face coverings and how cultural norms have shifted during the pandemic.
This is a page in one of my many sketchbooks surrounded by constructed chaos. Unsponsored product placement.
This is my i-pad. Most of my illustrative work is done on Procreate.
Sarah Alinia Ziazi
This is a closeup of The Drake mural on the third floor. This is one of my favourite details of the painting.
Sarah Alinia Ziazi
This is an illustration called “Pop-Up Portrait”.


Which ‘hood are you in?


What do you do?

I am an Illustrator and Muralist.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m working on some editorial illustrative work for clients and I’m in the process of opening an online shop to sell prints. I’m also a Marketing Assistant for an amazing non-profit arts organization called Scarborough Arts. I’m so grateful to be learning from such a supportive and intelligent team!

Where can we find your work?

My work can be viewed on my website and my Instagram