Cirque du Soleil brings Big Tops and Upside-Down Cars to Toronto

Passersby to Dundas Square over the past week might have encountered a pair of upturned cars, smoke billowing, surrounded by a bevy of enthused onlookers. Sadly, this was not the aftermath of a Chitauri invasion or a rampaging prehistoric lizard, but rather a bit of stunt marketing from Cirque du Soleil, for their upcoming KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities. KURIOS launches April 14th at Ontario Place, the first Cirque show to land in Toronto since 2019’s Alegria.

KURIOS in Toronto (2014)

KURIOS has been getting enthusiastic press wherever it lands, heralded as a return to “classic” Cirque. In the meantime, upturned cars and one Very Big Top can now be spotted, beckoning curious Torontonians to check it all out. The now-iconic profile of the Big Top is easily visible along Lake Shore Blvd E., looming some 65 feet above Ontario Place and giving the old IMAX dome a run for its money. It took six days and a crew of 100 to get the Big Top up, no lions in sight.

For remarkable timelapse footage of the fabled Big Top going up, click here.

Tickets for Cirque du Soleil’s KURIOS can be found here. On from April 14, 2022 – July 17, 2022



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