Top 10 Hygge-worthy gifts to celebrate the winter calm

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish term that we’ve adapted here in recent years. It is described as a way life. A quiet comfort — a sense of pure enjoyment that is in the moment whether you’re alone or with friends and family. While hygge isn’t necessarily tied to a specific time of year, we seem to think of it more after a busy holiday season. We often find ourselves naturally drawn to more peaceful, cozy, and calm anything in the coldest months of the year.

Over the past few months we’ve discovered items that brought us all hygge feelings. This list may offer you ideas for gifts or for yourself.

A cozy teapot filled with Firebelly Tea – a modern and superior quality tea company will bring the warmth anytime of year. We’ve been enjoying their line including Paradise (organic lemon verbena, chamomile, lavender herbal infusion), Warm and Toasty (organic green tea, cinnamon, liquorice root), Make Good Sencha (organic Japanese sencha, Gyochuro green tea), and A Breath of Fresh Air (organic peppermint, eucalyptus herbal infusion). Not only are the teas beautiful but so is the packaging (also sustainable).

Scent is very much part of creating a sense of calm so for us we turn to candles. We love the line by  a local Toronto artisan who’s line of incredible soy based candles instil a sense of peace and happiness of the season. Small-batch and made by hand with simple and clean fragrances. Candle scents of the season include Citrus in Stockings (sweet tangerine), Balsam Branches, and Naughty & Nice-ish (peachy, citrusy, cinnamony). ($20 each).

Bath time is a nightly ritual around here where we throw on the Spa channel on SiriusXM and toss in a packet of soothing Bathorium Bath Salts to help bring the positive vibes as we get ready to sleep.

If there’s one book we’ve enjoyed over and over again to help bring clarity, focus, and ways to live a more meaningful and mindful life, it’s this one. Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty is one we’ve been listening to in an audiobook format on our daily walks and forest bathing sessions as well as reading. Yes, this one is a hard-cover worthy keeper that we’ve highlighted, dog-eared for the many reminders of everyday thoughts and actions.

LEGO is not just for kids. Recently we discovered the line that adults would love. This LEGO Bonsai Tree in the Creator Expert collection offers two options of full leaves on the trees or pink blossoms to brighten up a room. Creating this piece by piece helps the mind take a break from work and screen time. The finished creation offers a sense of accomplishment and joy.

We know the Fitbit along with the Fitness Premium membership offers content to workouts and calm & focused meditation sessions (Deepak Chopra exclusive ones too!) for overall health and wellness. Recently the device added the Daily Readiness Score experience on certain Fitbits (Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe, Inspire 2). This helps take your insights further like sleep scores and heart rate variability to help you prioritize your activity.

Pet families know that our best furry friends help to calm us down and does wonders for chillin’ out our stress levels. Cuddle up with your furry friends and stay cozy all day and night with perfectly matching onesies – this one is by Arborist from the Drake General Store. This Canadiana themed one also comes in human sizing for the entire family.

Refresh and surround yourself with pretty (and sustainable) things. IKEA reported that 60% of the materials used are renewable materials. For many years, they’ve partnered with organizations to improve responsible forest management globally in their wood furniture and cotton comes from sources that use less water, pesticides, and fertilizers. For that added touch that won’t break the bank to help lighten up any room and your mood. Bring more greenery into your living space as well with fresh plants at varying heights and leaf styles.






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