Finding comfort in a bowl of hand-pulled noodles at Omni Palace

The cooler weather is upon us and as we turn to comfort foods, Omni Palace comes to mind. Their hand-pulled fresh noodles and signature broth is something we crave time and time again. Now with a second location recently opened uptown at Yonge & Sheppard, we have another reason to jump on the subway and head north.

This location has a street front entrance to the quaint and casual noodle shop with indoor seating to accommodate approximately up to 10 people. Ideal for couples or singles looking for a hearty, fresh and tasty meal. Just like the Consumers Road location that opened three years ago, noodles and soups are all made on site. You can watch the chef flinging, pulling and stretching the noodles all by hand right before your eyes from the window.

What Omni Palace brings is its centuries old secret recipes and traditions. The established restaurant chain from China is the biggest and serves up some heart-warming bowls. Here the menu is concise. There are five noodle soups to choose from including a vegetarian option. Their Langzhou Beef Noodles ($11.99) is much loved…and craved. Starting with their broth made in house daily with 28 ingredients. It’s tweaked for the seasons to give us nourishing healthy benefits.

Customers can select the style and shape of noodles — thick? thin? flat? angel? round? There are nine choices – which, by the way, are made within 5 minutes! With this particular bowl, I would recommend the classic that holds the right texture and consistency to carry the tasty broth. For vegetarians, I would definitely recommend the veggie noodle soup option ($11.99). It comes with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, bok choy and carrots. Choose a thicker flatter noodle style, you won’t be disappointed. There are several add-ons options as well including tea eggs, fried eggs, pickled cabbage, and bok choy. If you really love noodles and can’t get enough, you can order extra. The regular size is large enough for me, I couldn’t even finish it.

Exclusive to this location is their hand-pulled Scallion Oil Shrimp Mixed Noodles ($12.99) that’s already proven to be a popular dish especially if you’re rushing to grab dinner on the go.

However there are more than just noodles! Several side dishes and appetizers are available to compliment your noodle dishes. A side of Roasted Lamb Ribs ($19.99) was as surprising delight with the use of spices including cumin. A crispy texture made way for melt-off the bone juicy ribs. The Sichuan Chicken in Chili Sauce ($9.99) is a cool appetizer with a pleasant heat.

When I encourage friends to head uptown to this epic food destination that spans along Yonge corridor from Sheppard to Finch and beyond, I am often met with feelings that the choices are overwhelming. Not necessarily a bad thing. Hungry eyes and bellies can eat really, really well uptown and affordably. The area has no shortage of great Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese restaurants. Omni Palace definitely has a place here. Based on my recent visit to this location it was great to see it was consistently busy with diners and take out. Full menu can be found here.




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