“A Day In The Life” With Abstract Artist Gloria C Swain

Gloria C Swain is an inspiration. She is intelligent, talented, resilient, and stands out in every crowd. Her love of art, people, and dance is amazing. Her big laugh and positive energy are contagious. When I heard the title of her current show for Black Artists Network in Dialogue (BAND), I thought it was perfect. ‘Grow Through What You Go Through’ is how she lives. She is the type of person who puts whatever she is going through aside to focus on helping others.

As a single mom of two daughters, she always put her children first. She returned to school after her daughters completed their education and started their own families. Gloria graduated with a master’s degree at age sixty-two. She beat cancer in 2018 and is an accomplished abstract artist. Her paintings speak of her own journey with such truth and passion. She is an amazing artist, an awesome dancer, and a generous person with her time. I am proud to call her friend and mom. If she were not my mom, I would still love her because she is such a bright light and brings so much joy.

-Written by Daughter, Grace Roquel

Gloria C Swain
– Spending time with my daughter and grandchild.
Gloria C Swain
– Spending time with my cat, Patchies.
Gloria C Swain
– I like trying new techniques. I recently started beautiful bright pieces of work using spray paint and acrylic paint.
Gloria C Swain
– I have been writing my memoirs for several years and recently started adding my artwork to my story.
gloria C swain
 – I am proud and happy to say I am three years cancer free but still have to make ongoing visits to Princess Margaret for blood work.
Gloria C Swain
– I began dancing in March 2020 after the first lockdown and all gyms were closed. I feared going outside for walks because many folks were not wearing masks or practicing social distance. Once a week, as self care, I began posting dance reels on Instagram. When people informed me how my dancing uplifted and motivated them, I now post every week. Dance is healing.
– Since the pandemic and lockdown, I transformed my bedroom into an art studio.
Gloria C Swain
– I spend hours painting. Art is healing.

Which ‘hood are you in?

Downtown Toronto … near Harbourfront where I am surrounded by the sound and smell of fresh water. Like art and dance, water has healing powers, and I am fortunate to live so close to it.

What do you do?

I am a mother, grandmother, community auntie, self taught abstract artist, advocate for seniors and mental health and an inspiring photographer.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am working on several projects because I like to keep busy. One project is self-portraits centering my experience as an older Black woman living alone through this pandemic. And the other project that I am extra excited about is a digital library to showcase my art, photography, performances, and writings which will be published as an artbook. People can follow the progress for the artbook at https://www.patreon.com/GloriaCSwain

Where can we find your work?

You can follow my art journey on Instagram: @gloria_c_swain_artist and join my dance routines on Tiktok: @shehergloria. Also, check out my current exhibit, in person and digitally, through BAND.