“A Day In The Life” with Comedian Jackson Rowe & Writer Mike Mildon

Jackson Rowe is a comedian and improviser from Toronto, Ontario who was born and raised in the bustling Beaches neighbourhood just East of Toronto’s downtown core. Jackson is a very active member in the Toronto comedy scene and loves to participate in local theatre and film events when the opportunity is present. He is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory program and has attended numerous courses and events in pursuit of his comedy career. Through his partaking in various proceedings Jackson met his comedic partner, best friend and roommate, Mike Mildon.

Together they create a dynamic that translates both on and off the stage. Many of their biggest accomplishments have been a result of their combined talent and charisma. In collaborating and experimenting with various themes, media and individuals, Jackson is able to incorporate his various interests to create captivating and engaging work. He carries with him an air of calmness and confidence which can lighten a room yet his presence will never go unnoticed. With his tenacious dedication to the craft of performance, Jackson is sure to achieve his goals of creating work for many to see and all to enjoy.

-Written by my lovely girlfriend Mili

Mike Mildon is a young writer/director/actor burning with ideas, ideals and talent. His passion and commitment to his comedic craft, whether it be on stage, on film, or in his basement performing in front of his parents – shines in every project he does. Dating back to his high school days, where Mike was dead set on a life in business, little did he know a drama class and a camcorder would help him discover a completely different path and passion in the arts.

Since then, he has gone on to write and direct with some of the world’s top brands, such as McDonalds, Grey Goose, Pfizer, and many more. In 2013, he met funnier lads then him, Jackson Rowe and Jon Rende, and their sketch troupe, Trophy Husbands, was formed. After pouring blood, sweat, tears, and their own money into those self-produced comedy shorts, he has turned his life of comedy into a living, by co-writing/co-creating/executive producing his first TV series, For Heaven’s Sake – with his best friend, roommate, and fellow Trophy Husband, Jackson Rowe. Mike has come along way. From forgetting his lines in Drama class and being a stage hand for the school play to sitting in the offices of Paramount, pitching them his next big idea.

-Written by Mike’s old Drama teacher and now friend.

Wrapping up the writers room for “For Heaven’s Sake”.
Rowe Mildon
This is our first ever Hollywood Pitch, nerves were high. But it went great!
Rowe Mildon
All three Trophy Husbands, Jackson, Jon, and myself at the LA Dodgers game. Look at the stache!
Rowe Mildon
Directing hilarious improvisers in The 24 hour Sketch Challenge at The Social Capital Theatre.
Rowe Mildon
Jackson and I having a visit and laugh with Aunt Isabelle. You’re not allowed to have a visit unless you have one of her tasty craft beers.
Rowe Mildon
On set filming of the recreations for For Heaven’s Sake. We turned an old barn into the 1930s version of the Dominion Hotel, an old historical Bar located in Minden ONT.
Rowe Mildon
MM: My POV of Jackson’s door, as I spend my morning patiently waiting for him to wake up. Just waiting…
Rowe Mildon
Dinner (and more drinks) at Bar Poet with great friends.

Which ‘hood are you in?

JR: Queen West

MM: Kensington Market area. ^ Same area as him.

What do you do?

JR: Comedian, amateur detective and Trophy Husband

MM: Filmmaker, comedian, and I guess now a bit of an amateur investigator

What are you currently working on?

JR: Just wrapped on For Heaven’s Sake, our original blend of true crime and comedy. All 8 episodes available to stream for free on CBC Gem! There’s new sketches for our youtube channel “Trophy Husbands” in the works and I’m also testing the podcast waters with my friend Luke Mitchell and our show “The Traveling Circus”

MM: Just finished our Docu-series For Heaven’s Sake. A 2 and half year journey from conception to finally releasing it. I finally got to shave my just for men’d moustache. All 8 episodes are now on CBC gem. I hope now the fame from this documentary will get Jackson and I cast in Marvel movies. In between I write and direct commercials/branded content. Just shot a spec commercial I’m very excited about.

Where can we find your work?

JR: Check out for Heaven’s Sake on CBC Gem (Paramount + in the USA) and our youtube channel Trophy Husbands as well as my instagram @jerksonrowe

MM: ^ God we keep repeating ourselves, but we worked hard, please watch it. For Heaven’s Sake is on CBC Gem. Trophy Husbands on Youtube. Instagram/Twitter @mikemildon and my website is mikemildon.com…and the dark web (a joke, I hope my work is not on the dark web)