“Five Minutes With” Juno Award Winning Duo Q&A

Q&A is the veteran duo of singer songwriters Tony Quarrington and Zoey Adams. Though they have been working together over the last 20 years, it’s only in the last two years that as Q&A they have being co-writing the almost 100 tunes to date that make up their original repertoire. Stylistically, they are all over the map. In a good way!


Name: Q&A

Genre: Jazz, folk, pop. Tragical, historical, comical!

Founded: 2018

# of albums: Two. One More Thing (released as 3 EPs entitled One More JazzThing, One More Folk Thing and One More Pop Thing), and Christmas Dream- our all original Christmas album.

Latest release: One More Jazz Thing, a five-song EP on The Sonic Peach label.

Latest single: “That Place, That Face, That Moon”

Latest Video:

Favourite local restaurant

DeSotos (St Clair at Lauder Ave)

Favourite band as a teenager

Peter, Paul and Mary. You do the math!

Favourite band now

Stuart Laughten’s “Radio Dial”. Like ours, their style is very eclectic. In fact, they are the band we used on our two albums!

Guilty pleasure song

Songs with whistling and yodeling. C’mon- you know you love it too.

Live show ritual

After the last six months of lockdown it’s hard to remember! Just before starting a set Zoey will ask” What are we starting with?” Tony will answer “You’ll see. “

Favourite local artist

Rebecca Campbell. Jon Brooks.

Sneaky Dees nachos, pasta from Terroni or a superfood salad from Fresh?

All three, please. Our food tastes are also eclectic!

Queen St or College St

College St. It’s our hood.

Trinity Bellwoods or High Park? Kew Gardens or Riverdale?

High Park and Riverdale. It’s all about the walk.

EP or LP?

The LP will never die. It’s timeless, like a little black dress. But we really love our three new EPS. Shameless plug.

Early bird or night owl?

One of each! Zoey is putting on her Cuban coffee about the same time that Tony is turning off Netflix!

Road or studio?

If those are the only choices, then studio. But what about a gig up the street?

Swiss Chalet or Roti?

Roti for us boti.

Where can we follow you?

To the ends of the earth. Or at least to our Facebook page.

Watch for our three new EPs as they roll out. One More Jazz Thing and One More Folk Thing is out now, and One More Pop Thing will be soon.