Help Bob the Cat Find a New Purfect Home in Toronto

Your current best friend is driving you nuts with their long Facebook updates and baking displays on Instagram. You’re at your wit’s end but you don’t know what to do. Well, we might have just the solution: Bob.

Bob will eagerly fill the “new best friend” position in your life and bring a level of cuddliness you haven’t known since you were a kid.

And you know what? He’s got enough love for you and the whole world. Really, he’s a walking “best friend”. He is super outgoing. If you have friends over, he’ll gladly curl up with them and await his cuddles. He loves meeting new people, and treats everyone the same, stranger or not! He’s full of personality and needs a family that will give him all the love and attention he deserves. Bob is the perfect companion for anyone, he’s full of love and is the sweetest cat!

After coming battling through the stresses of grabbing your groceries, guess who’ll be waiting at the door for you, ready for headbutts, cuddles and playtime? Bob. He’ll listen to you talk about your day, and he’ll tell you about his too. He’s full of personality and loves to chatter on. What does his day consist of? Usually he sleeps throughout the afternoon. In his foster home, he’s found a new spot in the back of the closet under all the sweaters. Or sometimes he’s found on top of the shoe rack. Either way, he’s happy as long as he has a small little spot to hide away and dream of cuddles. You’ll often find him chattering away in his sleep and making biscuits in the air.

When he’s not sleeping, he’s curling up on your lap ready for all the attention. That TV show you were trying to watch might have to wait a minute because Bob has other plans. He’ll sit right in front of the tv or your laptop if you aren’t petting him enough. He’s there ready to curl up with you when you wake up and before you sleep. All he wants in life is love and attention, and he’s more than willing to give it back in return.

Bob has recently recovered from an ulcer in his eye and has the battle scars to prove it. Don’t worry though, he ain’t phased by it. He’s got 20/20 vision in both eyes. He’s a pretty easy going guy and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, however he loves his daily brushing.

Bob’s ideal home is filled with snuggly hiding spots. He loves exploring and setting camp. He’s a huge fan of the fort. Social and outgoing and very human oriented, he likes getting a lot of attention. He’d like someone who is home a lot or a house with multiple people in it. The size of his home doesn’t matter, so long as he’s got company.

Bob would do well with people as gentle and loving as he is. A more mature home would be perfect. But so would a home with children! So long as they are careful and considerate with him. He doesn’t have much experience with other pets, including cats and dogs. So if there are other pets in the home, he would appreciate slow, supervised introductions to start things off!

Easy going and SO affectionate, Bob is the perfect companion for the cozy homebody who’s ideal weekend consists of laying around and snuggling at home.

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Breed: Domestic Shorthair, Mix
Age: 9 years 2 months
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Colour: Brown/White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No


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