“A Day in the Life” with Toronto actor and screenwriter Jonas Chernick

Jonas Chernick is an actor and screenwriter. He lives in a house in Toronto, Canada with his wife and two amazing daughters. Jonas loves chocolate. And he is extremely clumsy. Jonas created a make-believe character called ‘Tickle Monster’ who has the most adorable voice ever. He makes me and my sister laugh.

Jonas wrote and starred in a popular movie called “My Awkward Sexual Adventure”. I haven’t seen it and I don’t want to. Jonas and Joey King starred in an award-winning movie called “Borealis”. In that movie, Joey’s character loses her eyesight. At least I think she does. I’m too young to understand some of this adult stuff.

Jonas’s newest movie is “James Vs His Future Self”. He stars in the movie with Daniel Stern. That one, I saw – when we were still allowed to go to movie theatres. I enjoyed this movie, especially because me and my sister are singing in it! It’s a movie about time travel – and it’s a little inappropriate from a ten-year old’s point of view.

My dad wants me to say that it premieres in Canada on VOD and digital on Apr. 3. I don’t really know what that means but I hope you enjoy it.

Written by Jonas’s daughter Izzy (age 10) with assistance from daughter Zoe (turning 7 in a few days)

Jonas Chernick
As “James” in “James Vs His Future Self”, with Daniel Stern.
As “Uri Savir” in the 2019 Mirvish / Studio 180 production of the Tony-winning play “Oslo”.
Jonas Chernick
At TIFF in 2012 with costar Emily Hampshire of Schitt’s Creek for the world premiere of My Awkward Sexual Adventure.


In Prague on the set of the upcoming film The Prague Orgy based on the Philip Roth novel.
Jonas Chernick
Jonas wins his first Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role on CBC’s The Border.
On set of the 2015 CBC mini-series The Best Laid Plans, for which he won a second Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor.
Jonas Chernick
With director Jeremy LaLonde on the set of James Vs His Future Self.
With his friend Benj at the Grateful Dead reunion concert in Chicago in 2015.

What ‘hood are you in?

I’m in Hillcrest, which is this gorgeous little pocket near Davenport and Christie, just steps from Wychwood Park (if you don’t know what that is – LOOK IT UP, it’s one of Toronto’s best kept secrets). My house is a few blocks from the Artscape Wychwood Barns, which is the old TTC repair barns refurbished into artist live-work studios. My production office is in there, and it’s such a pleasure to walk the few blocks from my house to work every morning.

What do you do?

I’m an actor, first and foremost. But in my late twenties, I got tired of waiting for the phone to ring and decided to create my own projects, so I started writing scripts. The first movie that I had a hand in writing miraculously got produced, and won an award at TIFF, which launched my writing career. Since then, I’ve written, produced and starred in five feature films. So I guess I’m a writer and a producer too. But acting is my main bag, baby.

What are you currently working on?

My new film “James Vs His Future Self” premieres in Canada on VOD and digital April 3, in the UK on April 27 and in the US on May 1, so I’m busily promoting that one. It’s a sci-fi comedy starring myself and “Home Alone’s” Daniel Stern (playing future me, who’s currently nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor). I can also be seen on the current season of CBC / Netflix’s “Workin’ Moms”, as ‘Craig’.

Where can we find your work?

IMDB / Website / Twitter – @JonasChernick

James Vs His Future Self – on iTunes and VOD in Canada April 3


My Awkward Sexual Adventure

The Best Laid Plans

Workin Moms (Season 4)

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