Comfort, Convenience and Canadian with an Endy Mattress

We first spoke with one of the co-founders of Toronto mattress brand Endy, Mike Gettis, back in 2016 when they were still a fairly new company (Launched in 2015). He gave us his professional’s perspective about buying a mattress and what types of things a buyer should know about and what they should ask their vendor. He also gave us a little bit of info about Endy and their unique approach to the mattress marketplace – selling outside of mattress stores and having deliveries via bicycle. Yes, a whole King size mattress can arrive by a bike courier in a box the size of a hockey bag.

Endy Mattress

When Endy began, they had “a dream to democratize sleep, by designing and delivering an extraordinarily comfortable, Canadian-made mattress, and shipping it free to Canadians’ home—without a middleman, and without breaking the bank.”

Today, Endy and their foam mattresses are seen everywhere from TTC ads, to social media and online reviews as well as other advertising campaigns. They have also opened up a pop-up shop at the Stackt Market, a “cultural marketplace” made from shipping containers located at Bathurst and Front. Their marketing strategy has made them Canada’s best selling online mattress which has allowed them to grow the company to almost 60 staff members.

The Endy Lodge at Stackt Market Downtown Toronto_5
The Endy Lodge at Stackt Market

But how is the Endy mattress itself?

The Endy mattresses are created with an open air cell foam that works to relieve pressure points, eliminate motion transfer across its surface and release body heat faster than conventional foam. There are three layers that contribute to this.

  • The top Endy Comfort Foam layer has unique Open Air Cell Foam. Each air cell acts as an individual shock absorber, contouring the foam to your body by releasing air independently as pressure increases. This technology also reduces motion transfer, meaning you can change sleeping positions throughout the night without waking your partner. 

  • The middle foam layer is essential in providing support so you never feel like you are stuck within the softness of the comfort-focused top layer. This meticulously crafted transition layer gives the mattress bounce while providing a gradual transfer of energy, making it ideal for all sleeping positions.

  • Lastly, the high-density bottom layer keeps sleepers properly supported creating a perfectly balanced sleep experience.

So how is it to sleep in?

Well, great.

The support of the Endy mattress feels solid while giving a soft mattress feel to the touch. You sink into the mattress but don’t feel stuck. The shock absorption is great for people with pets or partners. It was very noticeable how much you don’t feel your partner moving around or your pet jumping up on the bed. I got a surprise a few times when visited by my furry friend who would often shake the bed upon his arrival.

Foam mattresses may not always perform the greatest in countries with such big shifts in temperature but the Endy mattress is supposedly good at temperature regulation. I did not have the mattress during the cold weather months to test this out but I thought I would mention it in case one was wondering.

So what are these things made of and where are they made?

The Endy mattresses are made of CertiPur-US® certified polyurethane-foam. CertiPUR-US® is a certification program administered by a American-based not-for-profit organization. This certification guarantees that the products are made without ozone depleting materials, are made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, are made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, are made without formaldehyde, are made without regulated phthalates, and have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

endy mattress

The Endy Mattresses are made at a few different manufacturing centres across Canada. They ship out of their dual distribution centres located in Ontario and British Columbia.

Because Endy is able to sell directly to consumers, they are able to keep the prices relatively low. A twin mattress goes for $675, a twin XL for $700, a double for $775, a queen for $850, a King for $950 and a California King for $950. Keep in mind that these prices include the free shipping directly to the consumer.

Although we did not get to try these products, the mattress is also not the only thing Endy has come out with. The Endy Pillow, The Endy Sheets, and The Endy Mattress Protector are all currently available with new products set to be revealed in November, 2019.

So why should you grab an Endy over other online mattresses?

“At Endy our focus is our customer — they are our North Star. As we exclusively operate and sell within Canada, we’ll never treat Canada like a 51st state. We work hard to engage with communities coast-to-coast, in towns and cities big and small. Our ability to treat regions like Sault Ste. Marie and Dartmouth with as much care as core cities like Toronto and Calgary has been a key element of our growth story as Canada’s leading direct-to-consumer mattress brand.”

Comfort, convenient and Canadian – sounds good to me.



For more information, please visit the Endy website.




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