PizzaForno Canada’s first automated artisan pizza oven opens in Toronto

Toronto’s pizza game is strong and the latest player is PizzaForno opening the first Canadian location at the corner of Bay Street and Cumberland Street (1235 Bay Street). Official opens is Friday, December 14 at 4:00 pm, this? …it? will create hot, fresh and authentic pizzeria style pizzas 24/7. But it’s not your usual pizza joint. This spot will churn out fresh baked artisan pizzas in under three minutes thanks to the latest food tech innovation from France.

Their unique oven has the ability to bake 70 pizzas (12-inch) at once. Pizzas themselves are made with 100 per cent Italian Caputo flour. The hand-stretched crusts are freshly topped and stored in the refrigerated section of the structure.

How it works? Customers places their orders on the interactive screens, a robotic arm takes the pizza of choice from the refrigerated section and delivers it to the oven where it is baked, placed in a box and given to the customer.

There will be four different choices available: Chevre-miel, BBQ Chicken, Pepperoni, and Mozzarella. Addition options will come in 2019. Toppings are fresh, all natural, and locally sourced ingredients.

Pizza prices range from $11 to $14. No tipping required.

PizzaForno is also planning to open other locations including retail malls and office locations in 2019.

Curious about this innovation? We are. We’ll be checking it out and giving it a taste test. In the meantime, learn more here.


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