Yoga, reiki and healing with Toronto yogi Emmanuelle

This world seems to be spinning out of control. In my circle of friends there’s been a consistent feeling of being deflated thanks to the daily onslaught of news. I can recall my friend Emmanuelle just said, “turn off the news.” I don’t recall if he was telling me directly or if it was one of his daily messages on Facebook but that’s exactly what I did. Instead of working with CNN as background noise now, I’ll just get my daily news briefing in the morning and then turn it off. It was a simple step in making my day a little less stressful. Removing that distraction made me more productive.

I’ve kept Emmanuelle in my back pocket. Not literally, of course, but he’s given me spiritual guidance at my desired pace for several years. As a practicing yogi, he’s committed to living a positive spiritual life and helping others of all ages, whatever their needs are.

yogi emmanuelle

Yogi Emmanuelle is a certified yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and healer living in our city. To date, he’s helped hundreds of people align to their truest self. He has a unique approach blending philosophies from yoga with his personal spirituality. His workshops are moving experiences. Not only can you find him helping clients in wellness clinics and at the Urban Temple, you can spot him in the most unexpected open spaces when he has the urge to openly practice. Think public parks and spaces. He’s even meditated in airports waiting for flights and drawing in complete strangers to practice with him.

Recently I had a chance to ask him about his life’s journey and how he got to where he is today…

When did you start your journey in becoming a yogi? 

It was Fall 2008, literally 10 years ago, a friend of mine invited me to go a hot yoga class! I had no idea what I was getting into, but after that first class, I felt different, I felt a deep shift in my awareness, and I felt as if there was a seed planted within me. After my first month trial, seeing and feeling a huge shift in my wellbeing, I made a promise to myself that I will continue to practice daily. Through my dedication and constant practice, I attracted and consciously created a new world for me – one that is filled with joy, healing, and unconditional love.

Are there different types of yogis?

There are different types of yoga, but they all lead to one singular thing, and that is the union between you and the universe. Once you are united with the wholeness of who you are, you become more authentic, original, and a conscious clear vessel and creator of reality. Although there are many paths to yoga and many different expressions of being on that path, we are all one, yet we are all different, therefore we are all unique.

Tell us what you’re strengths are and how you feel you can best help others?

One of my biggest strengths is my ability to hold a lot of Light. I have been called a light bearer, for I carry a lot of light in me. I am naturally very positive, loving, and a happy person. At this time of chaos, confusion, and a lot of darkness happening on our planet, holding the light is what we need to do. We all have the light within us, and it is time for us to use it, expand it, and represent it in our daily life. My way of serving others is to be that light for them. And I believe that is the best way to help others.

What’s an average day like for you?

I start my day with 1 hour of yoga, meditation, and sometimes with Reiki energy healing. After that I would journal a bit and listen to Abraham Hicks for affirmations. All this happens before 10 am. This is my formula for a super blissful and magnetic day! I find everything aligns when I align. My day depends on what spirit wants me to do. Usually I book private clients from 1 PM to 6 PM, and then in the evening, I either teach a workshop or create a live video on Facebook. But Summer has been slow, since I came back from Edmonton and I have just been focusing on self-healing, connecting to nature, and being with friends.

What are three things we can do each day to bring peace in our lives?

If you are not having peace in your life, it means that you are constantly mentally active, your mind is constantly running, and you are tuned into the stress that surrounds you. For you to find peace, I highly recommend that you take time for yourself, go for a long walk, and practice meditation daily. Once you learn to tune inwards, then you are taking a break from your outside reality. When you constantly tune in to the energy within you, you begin to tap into the bigger part of yourself, the universe, and your true divine essence! Everything is within you and all you have to do is sit with gratitude, silence, and stillness. This is the true nature of our existence, it is very simple, we just need to make it a part of our daily life.

yogi emmanuelle

Where are some of your favourite places to meditate in Toronto, I know you are not shy about taking your practice with you.

As much as I love meditating in quiet places like parks, beaches, and my home, I find it very comforting to be surrounded by people. I must say that Dundas Square is one of my favourite places that I find myself coming back to to meditate. Every time I do so, I feel that I am healing the land, the people, and helping shape the future of the city. I find that my spirit will take me wherever my energy is most needed.

You also use social media in your practice? I honestly love your Facebook Live sessions. 

Thank you! I love creating content based on healing, wellbeing, authenticity, and positive vibes! I show people my personal practice, I do live card readings online, and sometimes I would just dance in front of the camera – all with the intention of uplifting, healing, and awakening people. This has really helped me get rid of any blockages that I have when it comes to speaking, living, and being my most authentic self. I really feel lucky to be able to reach people worldwide and give them a glimpse of what happens in my daily life.

What else do you do besides teach yoga?

I also work with healing energies, I am a Reiki Master, I attune people to become a healer, and I also use this energy to clear energy from homes and offices. I also help individuals connect with their own guidance systems so that they can live their most authentic and true lives themselves. I also host private workshops, healing circles, and moon ceremonies for manifestational benefit.

Where can we find you? 

You can find my group on Facebook: Urban Temple Toronto or Emmanuelle Light at or Yogi Emmanuelle on (Youtube)

You’re also involved with various wellness events, anything coming up?

I will be at the Yoga & Wellness exhibition in October, Meta Expo in November, and Whole Life Expo in December. I would love to meet new people there. So if anyone is coming, please be sure to stop by and say hi!



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