Toronto well represented at 4th annual Canadian Cannabis Awards

Toronto companies were well represented at the annual Canadian Cannabis Awards that took place at the Carlu November 30th, 2017.

The annual event presented by Lift Co. Ltd. took place for the 4th time but had a dinner and gala event for the first time this year. The growth and scope of the event has evolved much due to the fact that legalization of the Cannabis plant is coming to Canada in the new year.

From startups to growers, from dispensaries to producers, the Canadian Cannabis Awards showcased the leaders in an industry about to explode.

Weed Canadian Cannabis Awards
Photo by Joel Levy

Here are the notable winners from Toronto!

Startup of the Year

Wheaton Income (WI) took home the award for startup of the year with their business that funds and helps build growth for their partners in the Cannabis industry. They provide financial as well as connections and experience for other startups within the realm of Cannabis culture.


Brand of the Year

Starting out as a coffee shop in Toronto’s west end, Tokyo Smoke is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the untraditional, traditional smoker who may not want to wear the Bob Marley shirt or weed emblem covered paraphernalia. With their clothing, upscale designs, Tokyo Smoke provides a more upscale brand for those that don’t fit the cannabis user stereotype.


Cannabis Crusader

Clinton Younge, CEO of MMJ Canada

MMJ Canada owns boutique style storefront dispensaries in BC and Ontario boasting 25,000+ returning, satisfied patients. With legalization looming, they aim to be Canada’s Leading Dispensary and have been working with law enforcement and government groups to make the transition from Medical Marijuana to recreational.


Writer of the Year

Jenna Valleriani, CSSDP Strategic Advisor, PhD Candidate (expected December 2017)

“I’ve been working with Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy for almost seven years, and focus on policy issues around drugs in Canada and how we can empower young people to engage in the political process at all levels of government. We consider drug use in society primarily a health issue, rather than a criminal justice issue, and advocate for appropriate, evidence-based responses to reduce and prevent harm. We don’t necessarily focus on just one issue, but try to engage with different drug policies that affect youth. In fact, there is a lot of research on the drug war more broadly and how the criminalization attached to drug use has far-reaching consequences over and above drug use itself.”

–Jenna Valleriani

Weed Canadian Cannabis Awards
Photo by Joel Levy

Top Vape Lounge, East

Vapor Central, Toronto

Top Hydroponic Retailer, East

Homegrown Hydroponics, Toronto

Top Clinic, East

Apollo Cannabis Clinic

Top Dispensary, East

CannDo, Toronto

Top Dispensary Indica Flower, East

Pink Kush, CannDo, Toronto

Top Dispensary Sativa Flower, East

White Widow, Eden, Toronto

Top Dispensary Branding, East

Eden, Toronto



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