“A Day in the Life” with artist Dahae Song

Dahae Song is an artist and concept executor. A recent graduate of OCAD University, Dahae holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Her fluid, interdisciplinary practice has been a vibrant contribution to Toronto’s arts and culture scene, executing various exhibitions, events, installations and performances. Her recent work reflects fluid states of being, grounded in subjective perceptions rather than objective realities. Using the act of creating to materialize a reality that is perceptively alternative, Dahae aims to reset the boundaries surrounding art.

Dahae Song
An ever-growing, ever-evolving installation – image credit: Tyler Hayward
Dahae Song
Growing sideways at Bunker 2 Gallery, 2017
Dahae Song
Life as performance live painting – image credit: Aj Dissanayake
Dahae Song
Object of love for The Drake Commissary as part of Drake Art
Dahae Song
NEW TRUTHS at OCAD University 102nd Graduate Exhibition
Dahae Song
My friend, self, other – Image credit: Tyler Hayward

What hood are you in? 

Currently an uprooted tree looking for a new home & studio space

What do you do?

Artist, visual philosopher

What are you currently working on?

NEW TRUTHS.  Also, working on an upcoming community based painting/mural for Timeraiser150 at The Power Plant Gallery on May 24, as well as something special for The Drake Commissary, as part of Drake Art – both in hopes to inspire love, acceptance..more human connection.

The Drake is a creative incubator, comprised of a series of hotels and restaurants that connect the general public with artists working in all media from across town and around the world. Each location is an entry point for the culturally curious to make meaningful connections with the creative community, presenting an eclectic and constantly changing program of visual art, performance and live music.

Dahae Song
Working together with my favourite photographer and friend Othello Grey

Where can we find your work?

instagram: @songdahae

website: songdahae.com

Stay tuned for upcoming events with Collective NUDE

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