Merguez Recipe by Chef Brent Pierssens of Parts and Labour

Merguez recipe
Photography by Jeffrey Chan courtesy of Samuel Adams

BBQ lovers take note! Toronto BBQ Week began on June 6th and runs until June 12th, 2016 at 15 participating restaurant locations across the city.

The pre-fixe meals will run you only $15 bucks. This will get you a BBQ dish paired with a pint of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, the sponsor of the 1st annual event.

To get a sample of what to expect, Chef Brent Pierssens of Parts and Labour sent us this merguez recipe that you can make at home.


-2.25 kilograms, lamb shoulder
-900 grams, pork back fat
-85 grams, garlic clove
-275 grams, harissa
-75 grams, spice blend (recipe follows)
-30 grams, paprika
-20 grams, cayenne
-45 grams, kosher salt
-ice water

-spice blend equal parts fennel, coriander seed and cumin seed toasted




-cut lamb and back fat into cubes small enough to grind, mix together
-add harissa, spices, salt and garlic to meat mixture and grind over bowl set in ice
-take ground mixture and put in a mixer with a paddle attachment
-mix on low speed adding water until thoroughly mixed
-test mixture for seasoning, adjust if necessary
-stuff into lamb casings, form into 5 inch lengths
-let air dry in refrigerator over night



Here is a list of participating restaurants for Toronto’s BBQ week.

AAA Public House, Barque Butcher Bar, Beer Bistro, Boots & Bourbon, Broncos, Campagnolo, Dog & Bear, Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ, Hogtown Smoke, Pai, Parts & Labour, Patois, Pukka, Smoque N Bones and The Harbord Room.

Visit the Toronto BBQ Week website for more details.



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