Georgian Bay 4-Day Camping Trip – Day Two

Georgian Bay trip day two
Indian Falls Path

For our latest Neighbours in Ontario series we took a 4-day camping trip around Georgian Bay. This trip is for beginner campers and families.

This is the 2nd part of the trip. Read the 1st part of the Georgian Bay camping trip here.

Leaving Camp

-Try to be up and out of camp by 9 or 10 in the morning to get a good start on the day.
-Be sure to pack your sleeping bag and tents after cleaning off any debris.
-Go over your camp grounds and make sure you are leaving no traces behind.
-Take all garbage with you. Dispose of at waste centres (usually on campgrounds)
-Fill up water bottles before leaving.
-Organize what you will need for the day of hiking and exploring.

Georgian Bay trip day two
Path by Inglis Falls

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For the second part of our trip we will be starting at Inverhuron Provincial Park and visiting Saugeen Shores / Southampton beach and lighthouse, Inglis Falls, Indian Falls and Bruce’s Caves before heading back to camp at Sauble Falls Provincial Park. If you can book a spot at Bruce Peninsula National Park instead, it is a better choice and will save you an hour drive in the AM.

Tested the Acura ILX 2016 on the drive which was a lot of fun. The warning systems for lane changes and oncoming stopped traffic was a new addition that I liked. This day’s drive consisted of a lot of small trips so any help on the highway I can get is much appreciated.

Georgian Bay Chantry island
Shores looking at Chantry Island


A few minutes drive from Inverhuron is Saugeen Shores and the town of Southhampton. From the sandy beaches you can view Chantry Island which is home to the Imperial Lighthouse. You can also take a 15 minute ferry to the island for a tour of the grounds. You can also visit the Light Keeper’s Cottage kept in the same condition as it was in the late 1800’s, decorated with period furnishings from the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre as well as private donors.

After snapping some photos we moved on to the next destination.

Georgian Bay Chantry island
Chantry Island


A short drive East and we arrive at Inglis Falls Conservation Area. The spectacular multi-level falls cascade down the 60 foot cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment that reside in the park’s 200-hectare grounds.

There are a couple good vantage points from the side that you can catch the front of the falls from. You can’t go in the river to take shots over the edge here.

The park also has many nature trails that run through it if you choose to go for a hike.

Georgian Bay Inglis Falls
Inglis Falls

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This place was awesome. Two paths to choose. One that follows the river until you arrive underneath the falls, or one that goes up above for a view from the top of the falls. We went along the river bed.

For this you will need some good water gear. I wore my Native shoes as they drain like Crocs and are grippy on wet surfaces like stones and moss. The walk is also about 20 minutes each way. Give yourself at least an hour.

Parts of the river trail require climbing or going into the river to pass. Fallen trees are not always cleared here. Be cautious.

Georgian Bay Indian Falls
Indian Falls

Once you arrive at the waterfall, all you can say is wow. The river alone is beautiful as it is dug out into the stone and dirt which makes for some very pretty river banks. The water falls 15 metres to where you can stand under the falls. Here are some pictures of that.

Be careful with any camera gear or electronics as there is sometimes flying water and spray from the falls.

After our hike back, it was time for our last destination before camp.

Georgian Bay day 2 Indian falls
Indian Falls

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Located on the Bruce Peninsula, the Bruce’s Caves Conservation area hold giant caves and crevices that you can explore.

The main cave is along the main trail from the parking lot. Unfortunately some kids spray painted some of the inside which takes away a bit from the awesomeness of the site. Either way, it is a great spot to take some photos.

At this point you have two options. You can head to Sauble Falls Provincial Park or head to Bruce Peninsula National Park. I would suggest heading to BPNP but we will show you our trip which included SFPP.

Georgian Day Bruce's Caves
Bruce’s Caves

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The park here is pretty tightly knit with your neighbours. It may be best to get one of the grounds at the end of each road to create more of a buffer. The camp grounds are situated along the Rankin River which flows into the cascading Sauble Falls. The river is a great place to canoe or kayak along its winding path.

Set up camp and explore your surrounding. Our campsite had a pathway down to the river where we watched paddlers pass us by.

Georgian Bay day two Sauble Falls
Rankin River alongside Sauble Falls Provincial Park

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After some exploring we headed to sleep.

That concluded Day 2 of our 4-Day Georgian Bay camp trip.

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