My Digital Life: Local YouTuber Pooja Verma (PEEKAPOO)

Welcome to this exclusive interview with PEEKAPOO, a local content creator with a passion for exploring the Canadian lifestyle. PEEKAPOO’s YouTube channel is like a visual diary, documenting their everyday adventures from travel and culture to food and daily experiences. With a goal to inspire and connect with their audience, PEEKAPOO shares their journey of embracing change and exploring the unexpected. In this interview, PEEKAPOO talks about their creative process, influences, audience, monetization strategies, and future plans for their channel. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the world of PEEKAPOO and their incredible storytelling. But first, let’s learn more about their channel and what it’s all about.


What is your channel called and what is it about?

My channel, “PEEK A POO” is like a visual diary of my life exploring the Canadian lifestyle, from travel and culture to food and daily experiences.

My goal is to inspire and connect with people by documenting my everyday life, from the small moments to the big adventures so whether it’s exploring new quaint towns, discovering hidden gems, savouring local flavours.

It’s basically a hangout where I spill the tea on my everyday antics, merging travel anecdotes, style tips, that spark inspiration and nudging you to embrace change and explore the unexpected!

When did you start it? What motivated you at the beginning?

Well, I was just this regular person, living life, having adventures, and thinking, “Hey, these moments are pretty cool. Maybe someone out there might dig’em too!” So, I grabbed my camera and started rolling in 2018 with no clue as to what I was getting myself into!

I started it back in India- where it was more about fashion and travel and moving to Canada in 2019 was a huge change for me, and I felt it was a great opportunity to showcase how I’ve adapted to a new country and all the amazing places I stumbled upon.

It’s been a great platform to share the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs, and above all, the incredible journey of acclimating to a different way of life. Ultimately, it’s about sharing my story and experiences as I navigate and embrace this new chapter of my life.

Who were you inspired by? Any influences?

I’ve been inspired by a mix of creators who bring authenticity, creativity, and passion to their content.

Travel-wise, Lost LeBlanc’s immersive storytelling and genuine connection with cultures have influenced how I share my adventures.

Then there’s Casey Neistat, the OG legend! His raw storytelling and innovative approach to filmmaking are incredibly inspiring and is something I aim for in my own content.

And in the fashion and lifestyle zone, Emma Chamberlain is like a burst of fresh air in the YouTube community! Her unfiltered realness and quirky charm are seriously inspiring—I’m all about infusing that relatable energy into my own lifestyle scenes.

How would you describe your audience?

I’ve got a wild mix—from adventure junkies to travel buffs and hardcore foodies all in one cool crew. No matter the age or background, they’re this amazing melting pot, united by this shared love for exploring Canada’s hidden gems and soaking in its culture. They’re typically younger, super-engaged, and seriously into that whole authentic, no-filter vibe. It’s like hanging out with a squad, you know? They dig the chaos of everyday life and are all about turning ordinary days into wild adventures!

What is your creative process? Do you have people who work with you?

Being a YouTuber is like crafting your own movie- where you’re the director, actor, editor, crew all rolled into one. Think of it as crafting an epic recipe! First, you gather your ingredients—ideas, research. Then, the fun kicks in: you mix it all together by filming your crazy adventures! Editing? That’s where the magic seasoning happens. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about making the dish. It’s about serving it up so everyone wants a bite, hoping they relish every moment.

And guess what? Every time you hit that upload button, it’s showtime! It’s a rollercoaster of creativity, laughter, and pure excitement—all in one epic show! While I’ve been a lone wolf on this wild ride for 5 years, doing the solo hustle and loving every bit of it., I’m all about team expansion now. I’m scouting for incredible, passionate souls who vibe with the channel’s dreams. Exciting times ahead!

How do you monetize your content? Do you also have another job?

Well, I monetize my content through various streams like ad revenue from YouTube, sponsorships with cool brands that align with my channel’s theme and affiliate marketing- It’s this mix that keeps my channel rolling and lets me do what I love.

But here’s the deal: I’m all about authenticity! I don’t just jump on board with any brand that comes my way. Only the ones that truly align with what I’m all about make the cut.

Staying true to my audience is everything!

Because of this, my channel has grown sufficiently to be my primary source of income, allowing me to dedicate myself full-time to content creation.

I’m lucky enough to go all-in, turning my passion into my paycheck, and honestly, it’s the dreamiest job ever!

What is your favourite piece of content you have created?

Oh, I’ve got this one epic fav! It’s the time I did this solo trip to Vancouver—like, my first ever! It was a rollercoaster of excitement and nerves, but man, was it an adventure! I took my audience along for the ride, showing them all the incredible spots I discovered as a first-timer in Vancouver, Canada.

From hidden gems to those must-visit places there’s something about exploring a new place on your terms, feeling that mix of excitement and independence.

I wanted my audience to feel that rush, that “go for it” vibe. I mean, travelling solo at least once? It’s a whole new world out there waiting to be explored. And trust me, it’s a life experience you won’t want to miss!

Here’s the link to the videos:


24 HOURS IN VANCOUVER ����| Must Visit Places, Best Spots to Eat

What is the best part about what you do? What is the worst part?

Absolutely, the best part of being a YouTuber is the incredible connection I get to build with my audience. It’s like having a global family—sharing experiences, stories, and laughs across borders. The joy of inspiring others and receiving their feedback, knowing I’ve made an impact, is beyond rewarding.

On the flip side, the toughest part would be navigating the occasional creative block. Yup, they sneak up like unexpected speed bumps and that pressure to constantly deliver high-quality content can be a challenge.

But hey, it’s all part of the creative rollercoaster, right?

They’re those detours on a road trip that make the journey wild and unpredictable. So, yeah, they might slow things down, but they sure make the ride interesting!

What are your future plans for your channel?

Well, I’ve got some epic plans cooking up for my YouTube channel for 2024.

I’m eager to dive deeper into exploring the Canadian lifestyle and uncovering more hidden gems and dishing out more epic travels, quirky local experiences, and a backstage pass to my daily adventures.

The ultimate goal is to keep the good vibes flowing, inspire a ton of folks to embrace life’s adventures, and sprinkle a little magic in their day.

But wait, there’s more. I’m gearing up to craft a special course for all the content creators out there. I’ve been through the grind, so I want to smoothen that learning curve for others diving into this digital world.

Plus, I’m all about team expansion and exploring new income streams in the digital realm.

So much to explore, and I’m pumped to make it happen!

Where can we follow you?

Instagram | YouTube

PAY IT FORWARD: What is another Canadian content creator that you love?

I absolutely adore Peter McKinnon, he’s an absolute wizard in visual storytelling. I admire his ability to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, always pushing the creative envelope!

His passion for photography and videography? It’s infectious, and it’s something that constantly motivates and inspires me in my own content creation journey. Peter’s a true Canadian creator legend!


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