“A Day in the Life” with Toronto Fashion Stylist and Model Joshua Pasquale

In the summer of 2023, I became aware of an incredibly creative and extraordinary advertisement by Joshua Pasquale via Instagram. I contacted him via Instagram and was immediately convinced by his open and communicative manner. Without knowing each other, we kept in touch almost daily for many months and planned a whole fashion show together. For me, participation with my brand Vivien Sophie at Paris Fashionweek 2023 was a big milestone and I am very happy and grateful that Josh has accompanied me on this journey and has accepted the task of stylist with great ambition and even spared no effort and expense to travel from Canada to Paris. That again shows his enormous passion and ambition. I would be very happy to work with him again in the future. There are not many people you can blindly rely on without knowing them and count on the finest detail work.

-Written by Vivien Sophie

Joshua Pasquale
Me overseeing styling at Vivien Sophie’s Airbnb. Because I was also modelling I made sure to get my makeup and hair done first and then I attended each other model. It’s very unusual for a model also to be the stylist but I’m multi-faceted, extremely hard-working, and slayed both. Model getting hair done is Marble Nyathi
Joshua Pasquale
My Paris Fashion Week debut as a model and stylist. At Flying Solo NYC at La Galerie Bourbon on October 1 2023. Vivien Sophie’s leg couture in collaboration with outfit designer Emma Gilles of CraftyBelfast. Me and Emma came up with the concept for this together. Emma designed this. I styled it. The shirt is a repurposed shirt from the Victorian era with anti-paparazzi sleeves added to make the sleeves go from black to silver with the flashing cameras. Inspired by straight jackets and for anyone who has been called “crazy” when they’re really just an artist. Upcycled Victorian Era t-shirt designed and crafted by Emma Gilles. Modelled by me, styled by me
Me, Emma Gilles, and Vivien Sophie doing a fitting of my outfit. I made a last-minute suggestion to add the fringed fabric to my upcycled Victorian-era shirt which Emma lovingly stitched on. Stylists, seamstresses and designers often work together and stylists make lots of suggestions to make sure the entire look is cohesive.
Me discussing with Vivien Sophie how we were going to style this muslin fabric look.
Me, Emma Gilles, and my assistant and friend Florent Bidois. This was 15 minutes before the show when I realized I needed to stop styling the other models and become a model myself.
My Ratatouille-inspired chef look. Maria the Queen designed the black dress. A great artist can come from anywhere 🇨🇦
Joshua Pasquale
On my way to fulfill my ultimate life’s dream. Every fashion professional’s dream is to work at Paris Fashion Week. I gave it my all and we slayed.
Joshua Pasquale
The day after the show. A lot to process.


Which ‘hood are you in?

I live in Church and Wellesley Village right next to Church Street.

What do you do?

My work is multi-faceted. I currently work in marketing and my digital marketing skills are what taught me how to market myself to European fashion professionals. I used digital marketing to make an advertisement on my Instagram with one of my avant-garde fashion posts. This ad got Vivien Sophie’s instant attention from Germany and had me scouted to model and style her Paris Fashion Week show. But fashion is my true calling and I am primarily a fashion stylist who also dabbles in fashion design, modelling, and PR.

What are you currently working on?

After Paris Fashion Week and this show’s success, I am using this as momentum to continue my fashion journey both internationally and domestically. I love working with fashion brands, designers, and creatives, helping to elevate their projects to Paris Fashion Week levels, but still honouring their creative soul. I am working on making my next big fashion show project at London Fashion Week in 2024. I’ve always considered London, UK, my second home and it was the birthplace of my fashion career. In February 2023, I was invited to London Fashion Week shows as a guest and the responses I got from fashion professionals for my outfits and creations were overwhelmingly positive. So I hope to make my grand return in 2024 and to help brands who want to showcase at London Fashion Week’s eclectic and bold shows.

Until then, I am continuing to help assist Vivien and the creatives of this show in any way I can. I am also assisting Fashion Art Toronto’s shows with styling this November. I love fashion, and all I want is to continue honouring the craft both in Canada and around the world. To simply put it: Fashion is my inevitable.

Where can we find your work?

Visit my website and Instagram. Also, the show and my work as a stylist has now been featured in Elle, Glamour, and Vogue.


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