Poker Goes Digital: The Emergence of Streaming & YouTube Creators

The world of poker has seen a massive transformation in recent years with the advent of streaming and YouTube creators who have made it possible for fans to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes. Streaming and YouTube channels have become a large part of the poker community, with personalities such as Arlie Shaban and the NextGen Poker team leading the way. In this article, we’ll dive into the rise of streaming and YouTube creators in the poker world, and how they are changing the game.

NextGen Poker Rosey
NextGen Poker – Rosey

The Emergence of Streaming and YouTube Creators

Streaming and YouTube channels have brought about a revolution in the world of poker, allowing enthusiasts from all over the world to watch their favourite games, learn new skills and follow commentary from their favourite influencers. These platforms have made it possible for fans to see players in action, follow them through tournaments, gain insights into their playing strategies and learn new techniques.

Arlie Shaban is one of the biggest names in the streaming community, with over 100,000 followers on Twitch. Shaban has become a leader in the poker streaming world, providing insights for players and fans alike. With his hilarious personality and charismatic nature, Shaban has played a crucial role in introducing the game to a younger audience.

“The best way I can describe my poker stream is entertainment mixed with entertainment.” says Arlie, who has been involved in the poker world for a about 7 years.

NextGen Poker has also become a mainstay in the streaming community, with hosts Jack, Rosey, and Frankie. Their channel focusses on live streaming poker games and providing in-depth analysis and strategies for viewers. These creators have shown immense dedication to the game and have become influential in inspiring the next generation of poker players.

The 3 players and hosts got into the game through games at college where they always seemed to be the front runners in games which left them to being more involved in the game and starting their channel.

“The next step for us was taking trips to our local casinos.” says Rosey. “Then COVID hit, we got sent home, did play a lot of online, did watch a lot of the other poker vloggers. Being forced to consume content online gave us the idea to start our own channel.”

The group has travelled all over the US to cover events and get content for their streams, which include content from their travels, games and competitions.

“We work really hard on telling a story. We start with some kind of hook. Which is why we try and add challenges to our play. We like to add a lot of punishment twists, extra prize money.” says Frankie. “Telling our honest experience trying to compete against, not only other players but against eachother.”

NextGen Poker Jack
NextGen Poker – Jack

The Significance of Streaming and YouTube Creators in Poker

Streaming and YouTube channels have impacted the poker world in several ways. These platforms have made it possible for players to showcase their skills to a global audience and have also provided aspiring players with the opportunity to learn winning strategies. With the advent of streaming and YouTube channels, players no longer have to travel around the world to participate in tournaments or for fans to watch and learn from their favourite players.

Streaming and YouTube creators have also enabled the younger generation to become more interested in the game. These platforms’ accessibility has provided a new demographic of gamers who might have never even considered taking an interest in poker. People from all backgrounds and interests can now find something that resonates with them in the world of poker.

Thanks to streaming and YouTube channels, poker now has a new fan base and greater appeal. Players who have garnered popularity on these platforms have become global superstars in their own right.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Streaming and YouTube Channels in Poker

With the continued growth of streaming and YouTube channels in poker, it is clear that these platforms will play an even more significant role in the game’s future. As streaming technologies improve, fans’ experiences will become more immersive, with the possibility of virtual reality technology making the viewing experience even more exciting.

Streamers and YouTubers will continue to influence the next generation of players in significant ways. They provide an accessible learning environment, which will expand poker’s already dynamic community and inspire a new dynamic or competitive culture of players to reach new heights.

Poker Tournaments, like the World Series of Poker (WSOP), have already recognised the significant role that streaming and YouTube creators play in the game, offering media credentials for fans and streamers. In this way, it is clear that the gaming community’s impact on the poker market is far-reaching, and these platforms will continue to shape the game’s future.

Streaming and YouTube channels have disrupted the way the poker world engages with audiences and are having a significant impact on the game’s future. The new level of accessibility that these platforms offer is making it possible for people to learn the game, develop skills, and become enthusiasts. With streamers, YouTubers, and influencers leading the way for the next generation of poker players to reach new heights, poker’s future looks more exciting than ever. The game is becoming more dynamic and innovative, offering new opportunities for players to compete and showcase their talents in new and thrilling ways.



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