The globally-acclaimed Carlo’s bakery just opened its brand new express location in Yorkville

Don’t you just love delicately crafted cakes? The mouth-watering custom pastries and desserts from the Cake Boss combined is here to dish out homey creations. Now that’s a flavourful treat and picturesque location worth tracking down. Carlo’s bakery, popularly featured on the TLC hit show Cake Boss is well-known for its delicious goodies and heavenly slices of themed cakes. With another location in the Toronto region, the new spot is in the heart of Toronto at 24 Bellair Street.

Carlo’s bakery

Originally opened by Carlo Guastaffero in 1910, the bake shop has grown to become a national venue for offering excellent and laudable classics. It is not surprising that esteemed owner and master baker Buddy Valastro has appeared in diverse publications, baking magazines, including the Food Network. His cake design was once voted by the Today’s Show viewers as best cake in America, and his confectionery inventions remain forever divine.

According to one of the managing partners at Carlo’s bakery, Chris Zownir, “Although this new location delivers a grab-and-go experience, we have all the favourite items that Carlo’s Bakery is known for. As a family-friendly bakery, we prioritize offering a welcoming setting for all our customers.”

Carlo’s bakery

Also recognized for their eclectic presentation and specialty-styled cakes and pastries, Carlo’s Bakery continues to expand its imprint with an exclusive array of signature favorites like Lobster Tail ($6.99), Strawberry Shortcake ($49.99), Classic Cannoli ($5.99), Chocolate Cannoli ($6.49).

“Similar to our family-oriented bakery in Port Credit, we strive to always create the best possible experience for our customers. Whether it’s from supplying custom-made baked goods for corporate events (branded with the company’s logo), a grand opening, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, birthday parties, or holiday get-togethers, or celebrating special ceremonies, Carlo’s bakery ensures to serve high-quality cake designs that are elegant and delicious,” says Chris Zownir.

The distinguished bakery also makes nationwide shipments, and with franchises such as Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash, you can welcome an array of delightful foods to your home or location. “Carlo’s bakery is consistently coming up with fresh ideas, and we are so excited for our customers to try out our fall menu and upcoming creations. We value our customers, and updating our menu list is essential,” says Chris Zownir.

Carlo’s bakery

Together with his business partner, Gino Tomaro, they spearheaded the launch of Carlo’s Bakery bright-coloured cake vending machines across the country.

“Being trusted by the family and bringing our years of retail experience in pitching the Cake ATM idea is exciting for us. Growing up in Canada, and in this neighbourhood, we looked out for a community-based location. Kept at a controlled temperature level and restocked daily, the Cake ATMs have been well received across North America, ” Chris Zownir shares. “Additionally, with the memorable connections we have built with our team over the years, and by fostering an inclusive culture, our business model revolves around delivering friendly services and making our guests feel valued,” says Chris Zownir.

An authentic love for colour, quality food, enticing recipes, and warm atmosphere are what motivated Carlo’s bakery. When you visit the Bellair location, one would be mesmerized by the aesthetic cake-display wall and pictorial scenery.

Carlo’s bakery

Another fascinating thing to note is that you can order more tasty treats like Chocolate Fudge Cake ($49.99), Chocolate Fudge Rainbow Cake Pre-Sliced ($69.99), and a true taste of the classics, Butter Cookie Box – 1 Lb. ($29.99), among others, at an affordable price.

Widely acknowledged as a bona fide pastry landmark establishment, this is one luxurious space you don’t want to miss out on. If you are a professional taking a lunch break at work, a student checking out a fanciful bakery, or just someone trying to surprise your family with swanky confections while satisfying your sweet tooth needs, then this is one ultra-cozy place you want to stop by. And the exceptional name is Carlo’s bakery.


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