Toronto-based La Presserie introduces Canada’s first cold-pressed line of Salad Dressings

As the weather turns better we seem to naturally gravitate towards more  colourful and flavourful foods thanks to what’s coming into the marketplace. We’re definitely craving more freshness as we stumble out of the carb-laden colder season. La Presserie, a Toronto-based company who introduced a line of fresh cold-pressed and raw juices last year has now added a new line of raw and unpasteurized salad dressings. Why take note? THEY ARE SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS. But it’s also about the process by which they are able to retain optimum nutrients and the flavours that have grabbed our attention. Not only that, every dressing’s ingredient list starts with fruit. And you can taste the difference.

La Presserie

But why would a relatively new cold-pressed juice company decide to move into the salad dressing category? Their team decided to introduce a line of salad dressings but they wanted it to be true to their philosophy of creating both delicious and nutritious products that were plant-based and cold-pressed. It was a natural next step.

“The salad dressing category was ready for a revolution for some time now,” said Sharon Rotzang of La Presserie. “We wanted to create a line of unpasteurized dressings that didn’t need to be enjoyed on the side. Our dressings contain mostly fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs with only a small amount of oil and actually make your salad healthier.”

The salad dressings are made with the freshest, guilt-free ingredients sourced from all over the world and harvested at the peak of ripeness. “With no preservatives, water or sugars ever added, we have created a collection of dressings that allows each ingredient to remain as close to its natural form as possible. The difference is sensational!”

The line uses grapeseed oil that is rich in polyunsaturated fats, vitamin E and antioxidants.

The also wanted to create flavours that included  nutritious, on-trend ingredients while appealing to a variety of sweet and savoury taste preferences. From blueberries and pomegranates to tropical mango, there’s a favourite for ever salad lover. The four flavours: Strawberry Balsamic with cold pressed strawberries, basil and jicama, Thai Mango with cold pressed mango, orange and lime, Pomegranate Orange with cold pressed pomegranate, raspberries, ginger and lemon and Blueberry Mustard with cold pressed blueberries and jicama.

Like their juices, the salad dressing is initially frozen to lock in freshness. However, when customers get them home they are thawed and ready to use. We’re told the dressings can last in the refrigerator for up to 45 days. It is not recommended to refreeze the dressings.

The line of salad dressings can be found at your favourite grocers. More information can be found at their site.

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