Black Excellence: A Black-Led Organization Redefining The Portrayal of Black Men In The Media

More than ever, we must transform our communities to be stronger allies and thrive even more. One way and another, we are all in this together. When it comes to instilling positive and indelible impact on the lives of many, especially those who aren’t always heard, then it’s time to ring up changemakers. One trailblazing organization creating a space for generative discourse on unique challenges facing black men is the Black Men’s Style association. Here to activate change while uplifting black communities, Black Men’s Style is on a mission to break systemic barriers negatively affecting black men. Building on their track record of extraordinary ventures, the Black-Led, Black- Focused and Black-Serving organization aims to change the dominant narrative on how black men are viewed due to distorted representation from media of all forms.

Black Men

In a world where negative stereotypes of black men and their achievements is quite prevalent, the organization sets to counter this implicit bias and magnify conversations about making a difference. According to the founder of the pioneering initiative, Samuel Tita, “We want to inspire future generations as we produce enriching content and host meaningful events to capture positive images of black men. So far, we have built a strong network of community agencies, mentors, corporate partners, volunteers, and consultants and through this partnership continuously coordinate networking, lifestyle, and wellness events for Black Men specifically, and the Black community at large.”

Noted for their trendsetting events and impactful campaigns on social media, Black Men’s Style strives to amplify the voices of Black men. By establishing a nationwide hub (Black Men Connect), where men can safely express themselves, receive healing, learn about a variety of topics including civic engagement and politics, health (mental, nutritional, physical), business and more, the organization encourages unity in the community. “We host Black Men Connect mental health support group every year, and with increased funding we hope to increase the frequency of delivery to four times per year. This event serves to be a time of introspection, education and rejuvenation for Black men from various walks of life in a society that invalidate their existence,” says Samuel Tita.

Black Men

With an upcoming poetry event like “The BLK Poets Society” taking place on October 2nd 2022, a one-of-a-kind gathering, the organization is sure to share the experiences of black men through a unique lens. Recently hosting another first-time art exhibit event, “BLK Frames”, the organization embodies black men taking ownership of their stories through writing and expression. Interestingly, the BLK Frames event also garnered about 300+ attendees this year. The exhibit consisted of ten black visual artists who displayed their work on canvas, and digitally along with live paintings. Dedicated to honouring black men within the community, and celebrating their excellence, the organization has no plan to stop.

To date the organization not only manages networking and professional development events, but organizes media outreaches, grooming, styling services while changing the narrative around black masculinity in modern culture. “Events like these allow us as black people to tell our own story from our own perspective. We have an affinity for empowering and embodying the very change we seek to see in the world, and that is redefining our portrayal of black men. The Black Men’s Style online platform has quadrupled over the last two years, particularly because of our Unity Shoot.

Providing an opportunity to showcase the life-changing work black men do in our society is such a blessing,” says Samuel Tita. Having a lot of pertinent things to divulge, Sam believes that there is a fundamental need for the mainstream media to have these images, their influential work portrayed on a more frequent basis as they are presently, few and far between. “We recognize what role media plays in providing an ideology to the public about the Black community and its members. Usually disproportionately represented or overlooked, for that reason it is our goal to provide valuable resources and tools needed to authentically elevate black men,” Samuel Tita shares.

As the organization facilitates initiatives across Canada, a huge focus is on shedding a positive light on empowerment amongst one another. To learn more about their inspiring efforts, events or initiatives, you can become a member and be part of this social change movement.



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