5 Advantages Of An Electric Dab Rig Kit

Electric dab rigs, also known as e-rigs, are devices that consume electricity to heat concentrates until they turn to vapor, which the user then inhales. Though e-rigs are generally more expensive than regular vapes, there are several reasons why this particular product is as popular as it is now and is still becoming more popular. 

Macro detail of dabbing tool with small piece of cannabis oil aka shatter suspended over a metal rig – medical marijuana concentrates concept

This article will discuss five advantages of an electric dab rig kit and why you might want to choose these e-rigs over other products. Let’s start with its advantages over traditional rigs. 

1. Electric Dab Rig Kits Are Portable And Discreet 

One of the selling points of e-rigs is the fact they’re much smaller than standard dabbing rigs. If you have yet to see a dabbing rig, it’s basically paraphernalia that looks roughly the same as the apparatus you see in science labs; except it’s much bigger, typically the size of a pitcher. 

Compared to an e-rig, it’s humungous, making it impossible to carry around comfortably. On the other hand, electric dab rig kits are portable since the device is only the size of an inhaler, meaning you can carry it comfortably in the pockets of your backpack or pants. 

And apart from portability, its size and inhaler-like appearance also mean you can use the electric dab rig discreetly so as not to draw the attention of passersby. This is not something you can achieve easily with traditional dabbing rigs, as much as you’d like to. 

2. E-Rig Usage Is Generally Beginner-Friendly 

Dabbing rigs usually require knowledge of the device, or cannabis paraphernalia, in general. After all, in order to use the apparatus, you must supply it with water, wait for it to heat, insert the concentrates, and wait for the right timing. But that’s not the most worrisome aspect of it all because what makes it difficult is the possibility of under or overheating. Or perhaps, in some cases, it can be difficult to determine if the device already has sufficient heat to continue the dabbing session.

While electric dab rig kits also require prior knowledge of dab rigs, they at least have a built-in system that monitors the temperature to avoid dabbing issues like overheating. That said, it can effectively save you from the hassle of monitoring the temperature yourself. For these reasons, electric dab rigs are generally beginner-friendly, at least more than traditional dabbing rigs. 

3. E-Rig Kits Are Customizable 

If you’ve been dabbing for quite some time now, you may have thought to yourself at some point, “How do I improve my dabbing experience without splurging a lot more money on equipment?” And while there are several answers to that question, one of the most common approaches is to customize your electrical dab rig. 

For your reference, customizing is basically the practice of replacing some of the e-rig’s parts, such as the coil, atomizer, heating cups, or by adding parts that you don’t normally find in the device, like e-nails, for example. Though dabbing rigs are also customizable, due to their bulky size and nature, customization may prove to be more difficult. 

4. Most Electrical Dab Rigs Produce High-Quality Vapor 

Throughout this article, you may have wondered what’s the difference between electrical dab rigs and regular vaporizers. Though they both produce vapor using the same process (conduction), their main difference comes from the fact that e-rigs are designed to produce vapor out of marijuana concentrates. Meanwhile, regular vapes produce vapor out of flavoured juices or liquids. 

So, what does this have to do with the quality of vapour? 

To start, concentrates like wax and crumbles are already inherently strong and potent due to the high amounts of active ingredients, as opposed to regular ones. E-rigs are also optimized to produce vapor without losing the potency and flavour of concentrates. 

Coupled with the inherent potency of cannabis, it’s only natural that e-rig kits are more likely to produce high-quality vapor, as opposed to similar vape devices. 

5. An E-Rig Kit Can Save You Money 

Apart from the advantages of e-rigs over regular vapes, there are also certain benefits that come from buying kits rather than getting the e-rig and its supplies individually from the market. 

In particular, buying e-rigs in a kit or bundle is cheaper than buying the supplies separately. Meanwhile, if you search for e-rig kits, you’ll find that you can get them for as low as USD$80, which effectively saves you money from your purchase. 

Basically, by going for e-rig kits, you can shave its price, even for a little bit, which saves you more money for future purchases. 

Closing Thoughts 

It may not be the most affordable paraphernalia on the market, but electric dab rig kits are definitely worth their price. Not only can you save money from your purchase, but the e-rig device itself is also better than dabbing rigs in several aspects. Admittedly, there are aspects of e-rigs that you can see as a downside, but it’s a great product nonetheless.



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