“A Day In The Life” with visual artist, Pepe Bratanov

Since the day I met Pepe Bratanov I’ve always been blown away by his need to create. No matter how tired he is, no matter what is going on, Pepe creates, designs or paints in an almost constant way. I remember once him telling me about how he was having dreams about a certain design and needed to just get it out of him.

His work has a wonderful sense of play as a part of it. Which I absolutely love. When I see something he’s working on it instantly brightens my day. It’s a mood that is also really reflective of Pepe. Many years ago we were working together in an ad agency and I remember him giving a younger and extremely talented creative some of the best advice, he told him to go home. This young man had been working 24/7 and Pepe Bratanov, in his ever so positive wisdom, reminded him that in order to create work that reflects life, you have to make sure you go out and experience life. And that small, kind and simple piece of advice is who Pepe is. When you talk to him, you know he isn’t rushing you out of a conversation, when you need him to do something for you he always will deliver and when he creates art it is always a very real and very fun reflection of what he is experiencing around him.

His work will lift you up, it’ll remind you to take a pause to play a game, enjoy a moment and above all have a smile.

Written by Kaitlin Doherty – Friend and Business Partner

Pepe Bratanov
Ball Is Balance, a basketball sculpture that interprets the Yin Yang symbol
Pepe Bratanov
Boxing Mitts, a fun mashup between Everlast boxing gloves and oven mitts.
Good Vibes is a series of paintings made with the vibrations of adult toys.
Jello Vader, a solid 24-inch resin sculpture.
Life Savers painting.
Mondrian Basketball Sculpture.
Pepe Bratanov
Pepe at The Local Gallery.
Pepe Bratanov
The Roman General gets a final topcoat.


Which ‘hood are you in?

Downtown (Queen x University area)

What do you do?

I’m a visual artist who likes to experiment with different mediums.

What are you currently working on?

A couple of basketball sculptures. One of the sculptures is covered in candy sprinkles and going to an art gallery in NYC and the other is a modern take on a Mondrian design (similar to the one seen below) with the basketball being an integral part of the sculpture.

Where can we find your work?

On my website and Instagram!



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