“A Day In The Life” with Toronto artist Adam Macciocchi-Lancia

Adam Macciocchi-Lancia was born in Toronto, Canada and studied at the Ontario College of Arts and Design University (OCADU), receiving a BA in Fine Arts.

One of his first experiences as an artist was when he was 7 years old and took illustration courses every Saturday for 3 years with the Art Gallery of Ontario. Through his practice, his artistry comes to life.

His compositions demystify pop art. His washes of colour amongst the detailed line work create pieces that allude to the overexposed pop-culture rhetoric that we constantly take in.
His subject matter is inspired by social media and is a blend of portrait, figurative, realism, abstract, and non-objective with intricate detail.

Adam’s involvement with art shows and his passion for touring through galleries and museums throughout the world has also influenced his artistic skills. He continues to create hand-painted artworks on canvas and hopes to reach people all over the globe to share the beauty that each one of his pieces can give.

Written by Adam’s mother Lily


 Adam Macciocchi-Lancia
Always observing the artworks.
Something can always be learned from the previous painting to then to be applied to the next one.


 Adam Macciocchi-Lancia
My “Rapture” painting set up in my studio while also wearing my “XOXO I” merch.


Current set up of some of my paintings at home to continue to provide me inspiration for my next works.


Installation of my custom painting in the client’s home.
The artwork helped tie in everything together, completing the room.


 Adam Macciocchi-Lancia
Preparing to deliver one of my newest commissioned paintings to my Toronto clients.


One of my favourite things to do in my free time and in good weather. Biking all over the city taking in the sights and sounds.


My “Tea” painting complementing the space of a downtown Toronto coffee shop.


 Adam Macciocchi-Lancia
Been very fortunate to be commissioned by clients all over North America and Europe to create new paintings for them.
Mother and daughter in Toronto custom commissioned artworks.


Which hood are you in?

I live in North York. I’ve always enjoyed this location as it has the best of both worlds feel in the city. Quiet but also just a 20-minute commute to downtown.

What do you do?

For the last couple of years, I’ve been working as a full-time artist selling paintings and creating custom pieces for clients.

On the side, I am also the social media manager/ strategist for a Toronto builder.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m about to start on my next painting that I will then put up for sale.

I’m also in discussions with several new clients who have inquired about my price list of available pieces that are on my website.

Where can we find your work?

You can find all my paintings on my art website and on Instagram



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