“A Day In The Life” with Kinetic Sculpturist & Artistic Roboticist Jay Vogler

Jay Vogler (a.k.a JBVCreative) started as a mechanical engineer with a degree from the University of Guelph. After working in various engineering jobs, and a short stint as a co-owner of a clothing company (don’t ask), he found that he had ideas for different mechanical sculptures piling up in his head. As the ideas accumulated, they began to create inner turmoil that led to anxiety due to this unrealized need to create. He felt he had no choice but to quit his life as a corporate engineer to pursue a career combining art with engineering.

Without a specific direction, he charged into the unknown with the intention of creating whatever his muse was urging him to create. Under the pseudonym, JBVCreative, Jay has created many different engineered ‘kinetic sculptures’, ranging from a ‘running brain’ (for Baycrest’s The Brain Project) to a machine that whimsically provides encouragement, to a robot that uses an old 1950’s typewriter to create art from the ’80s and ’90s. Jay documents the design and engineering process through his YouTube channel.

Jay is still unsure what the future holds for his art, but he does hope to use his talents to shed light on the beauty and chaos that exists just outside of our normal abilities of perception.

The agreement for the Brain Project stipulated that I could only share 20% of the total project before the sculptures were officially released. It could be argued that this ‘protoype’ was more than 20%, but it was too cool not to share right away.
My mom took a picture of me next to my Running Brain sculpture and sent it to all her friends.
Jay Vogler
Hairdressers were closed for a while #2020 🤷‍♀
Jay Vogler
Sometimes I forget to tidy my desk.
Jay Vogler
Sometimes I’ll strum the odd guitar.
Jay Vogler
Sometimes I hang my art on my walls.
This is me with my 2 favorite people in our temporary home on wheels. Aptly named ‘Hotel Helga’
Two things that were integral to my mental health during the pandemic: An incredible relationship with an amazing lady and a hobby that tricks me into exercising. 1+1=3


Which ‘hood are you in?

St. Clair and Spadina

What do you do?

I create engineered Kinetic Sculptures and Artistic Robots

What are you currently working on?

After finishing my brain sculpture for The Brain Project (a kinetic sculpture called the ‘Racing Brain’ which supports efforts to raise awareness of brain health) – my next endeavour (and one I’m really excited about) is a YouTube series documenting the creative and engineering processes that go into building robots that make their own art.

Where can we find your work?

On YouTube and Instagram under the username JBVCreative. I also have a website where you can purchase some of my pieces as well as files you can download and print if you have a 3D Printer.



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