“A Day In The Life” With Toronto Filipina Storyteller Alia Rasul

Alia Rasul is a Taurus who loves sushi and brie. She’s also an extraordinarily talented force of nature. I heard of Alia before I met her. I was new to comedy, trying to find my way in an inaccessible scene, and people kept telling me that I should talk to her. Like she was some sort of floating legend with the magic key for marginalized artists. I finally got up the nerve to email her, and after meeting for a 3 hour coffee, I understood exactly what everyone was talking about.

Alia has a way of making things happen. She has an idea or sees a need that isn’t being met, and within a week has a detailed plan written out, complete with brightly coloured post it notes and a project aesthetic. And she doesn’t stop there. From her work as the Inclusion Director at Bad Dog Comedy Theatre, to her play, Tang Ina, the a festivals she’s created, her work with the Tita Collective, and now with her book, Super Important Filipina Thoughts, Alia has built mountains of award-winning art, space and community with her signature brand of insight, care and goofiness. There’s no other way to say it: She’s a star. Go buy her book.

– Written by her dear friend, Ophira Calof

Alia Rasul
Checking in with my friend, Ophira.
Alia Rasul
Eating Sushi.
Alia Rasul
My room is constantly filled with post-its for brainstorming ideas
Alia Rasul
Family Zoom.
Alia Rasul
Doing Chores and Laundry.
Alia Rasul
Pandemic walks with my friend Anesti Danelis.
Alia RAsul
I published my first book of poetry in April.
Alia Rasul
Plant Mom.

Which ‘hood are you in?

Bloorcourt Village. I’ve lived here for about 10 years. It’s the longest I’ve ever lived in one spot, and I love this little community so much so that my friend Anesti (who was born and raised in this neighbourhood) and I started a fan Instagram account called @bloorcourtfriends.

What do you do?

I am a Filipina storyteller based in Toronto. Pretty much everything I do centres on the Filipina perspective. I am a producer, writer and a comedian, I am a member of sketch comedy group, the Tita Collective, our smash hit show Tita Jokes had sold out runs, and has won Patron’s Pick at Fringe, The Second City Outstanding New Comedy Award, the Best Newcomer award and the Producer’s Pick at the Toronto Sketch Fest. We were supposed to tour Canada in 2020, but well you know, the pandemic. I also am the studio manager for creative consulting firm, Bespoke Cultural Collective.

What are you currently working on?

I just released my first book of silly, fun poems called, Super Important Filipina Thoughts, which is available on www.anakpublishing.ca I am currently working on a film project, and am working to launch my production company, Super Filipina, which will focus on Filipina content such as short films and webseries.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my book on www.anakpublishing.ca, And I am also on Instagram currently celebrating #taurusseason on @aliarasul and my poetry is on @superfilipina.