“A Day in the Life” with Toronto author Amy Stuart

Amy Stuart is someone who wears many hats – hockey coach, teacher, writer, activist, wife and mother. She wears all those hats with an enviable dedication and ease. We live in the west end of Toronto but Amy was born in the east end. She’s lived in many parts of the city over the years and is a Torontonian through and through.

Amy grew up playing hockey at Leaside and now coaches in the Greater Toronto Hockey League, one of the only women to do so. She was on the first committee to organize the Toronto Women’s March. She also worked as a high school teacher in the TDSB for many years until her writing took off and, with our three kids at home, found it a little too much to juggle. But to keep her teaching hat on, Amy founded Writerscape, an online community for aspiring writers.

Amy’s writing voice is constantly evolving and she loves seeking out new challenges to set her mind and pen to. Her newest novel is called Still Here and it launches July 7th. Our three sons and I are very proud of her.

-Bio, written by my husband Ian Stuart

Amy Stuart 1
Early in the quarantine we fostered two ducklings for a few weeks. They would normally have gone to a nursing home or school, but obviously that wasn’t possible this year. We named them Malcolm and Clare after the main characters in my novels. They were ridiculously cute and sweet, but they pooped a lot!
My middle son Joey briefly took up painting during quarantine. I commissioned a piece for my office.
Amy Stuart 3
I’ve become fixated on making latte art at home. No one is going to hire me as a barista, but I have fun with it.
My dear friend Teva Harrison taught me (and the world!) how to find 4-leaf clovers. You can read her essay about it here Teva died a year ago April, and part of my way of honouring her has been spending a little part of the day searching for special clovers. Thanks to her, my kids and I find lots of them. I even found a 5-leaf one, which you can spot here.
Amy Stuart 5
Our beloved, kind and gentle doodle Millie allows her human brothers to entertain themselves by playing dress up with her. She’s loved the extra attention the past few months have brought her.
Amy Stuart 6
My one attempt at a homemade mask and I ended up looking like I had a cloth diaper on my face.
We moved to Etobicoke from downtown last summer, and the tradeoff for being a little farther west is that our yard has a lovely pool. On lockdown it gets a ton of use and we are incredibly grateful for it.
Amy Stuart 8
Once it reopened, we took a family trip to the drive-in. It was such a wonderful adventure. What’s better than the 5 of us piled into the back of the minivan watching a flick and eating candy? Nothing. The perfect socially distant outing.

What ‘hood are you in?

We recently moved from downtown (Bloor and Ossington) to Etobicoke (Royal York and Bloor). I thought it would feel far away, but it doesn’t. The trees in our new neighbourhood are so lovely.

What do you do?

I’m a writer and an educator. For years I was a high school teacher, but when my novels were published and writing took hold, it became difficult to manage both. Now I pour my love for teaching into Writerscape an online community I started in 2019.

What are you currently working on?

I wrote a series of novels and the final one, Still Here, will be published July 7, 2020. I’m now working on a new novel, something different. It’s a mystery and I’m excited about it. No title yet!

Where can we find your work?

All of my novels are available in bookstores. You can learn more about me and find links to my books at www.amystuart.ca.



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