“A Day in the Life” with Toronto actress Kate Drummond

Kate Drummond is a blend of athletic mysticism, raw talent, deep human kindness and practical, no-nonsense love for animals, people, and especially her Mexican rescue dog, Zelda. While you’ll find her at home in the cities, whether urban or in the small town where she lives, her heart is most happy in the country, with the wide-open spaces, the wind in her hair, and having horses to walk beside her; her favourite companions.

Her background in school teaching honed her patience and deepened her natural ability to connect with children from all walks of life and backgrounds. Now, as an award-winning actress, she brings this direct and empathic approach as she embodies her many roles with tenacity, honesty and a steadfast work ethic that brings her characters to life onscreen and off.

Kate loves the movement of a good story and is happiest when she can contribute her talents to bring awareness to the deeper meaning of being human while engaging with the audience right from the heart. Her acting and creative projects have encompassed theatre, video game motion capture, many well-known voice campaigns, and multiple lead roles in feature films, series, and independent productions. Equally inspired as a director and writer, she is working on two screenplays and has co-directed, produced, and co-wrote the feature film, Go Fish.

She loves her family and dotes on her nephews. Kate always extends her heart out to fundraising, charitable work and helping those less fortunate. From encouraging others to help rescue shelter dogs, to saving horses, to stepping forward to give a helping hand, Kate lives by following the voice of her heart.

She helped to raise over $10,000 for Sick Kids Hospital with the help of her fans and supporters, to helping to organize Toronto’s 1st Street Store to clothe and assist the homeless and under-resourced in the winter months while also encouraging her many fans to bring dog toy and leash donations when she attends her conventions, which are then sent to the shelters and rescues in need, one being the Playa Del Carmen Animal Shelter in Mexico, where Zelda was rescued. She has consistently used her growing influence as a popular actress to raise awareness of injustice and to provide help for those in need.

She is sensitive to the more frenetic urban pace and likes to be in quieter, natural spaces, but throw on some 80’s tunes, and she’ll dance and shake it with the best. Sushi makes her smile, fresh flowers and handwritten letters are a favorite, guitar tunes, cuddling with her pup, and long country drives tend to lighten the burdens of being so sensitive to the troubles of the world.

How to describe Kate Drummond in a few words, when she encompasses so many aspects? Let’s say she is a loving force of nature; a gorgeous, talented and soft-hearted woman, deeply kind and caring. She is driven to create and tell stories and works towards making the world ok. As an athletic powerhouse she now focuses that same passion towards her acting, her charitable work and to her loving relationships with friends and family as she continues to take her creative drive to new heights and arenas.

Written by Ian Gardner

Kate Drummond
Days spent hanging with my pup, Zelda, are the best days. She’s a street dog rescue from Mexico
Kate drummond
Laughing. It’s my favourite thing to do. Especially in my business, where there are a lot of ups and downs, I think keeping a good sense of humour is key.
kate drummond
I’m so grateful that I get to spend most of my days surrounded by artists. I’m constantly learning from everyone I interact with. Putting yourself in front of the camera is a vulnerable experience, but thankfully I have an incredibly supportive community that stands with me. (with Helen Tansey)
My family.
I am a huge animal lover. This was taken on my partner’s family ranch in Alberta. I have such a deep love and respect for nature and all animals. Horses have become a very big part of my life in the last years.
I love working in front of the camera but I also love being a storyteller behind the lens. This is a pic from the first feature I co-wrote and co-directed, GO FISH.
I learned at a very young age that being able to help others is by far the greatest achievement. This pic was taken at the Eh Con Canada Wynonna Earp convention. Fans (Earpers) from all over the world donated gently used or new dog items that were then in turn donated to shelters and rescues in Canada and Mexico. I’m so grateful for my fam-dom because they really are like family.
kate drummond
My grandma Franz is the angel in my corner always. She passed when I was 13, but she’s still with me every day.

What ‘hood are you in?

I’ve spent most of my years in Toronto living in the Beaches, one of the greatest neighbourhoods in the city!

What do you do?

I’m an actress working in television, film, video games and voice over and I’m also a writer/director. After 12 very fulfilling and happy years as an elementary school teacher, I left the classroom to pursue my other passion: acting. I’m a big advocate for following your dreams, no matter what age, what stage, what others have to say. I did a TEDx Talk, Chasing Dreams and Beginning Again, and it has over half a million views and has connected me with people all over the world who are following their passions.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I can be seen in the role of Phydra in the new series, Utopia Falls, airing on Hulu and CBC Gem. As well, I’m in pre-production for a film called Healing Hearts, that will film in Utah. I’m also writing my next feature film and working on my kids’ book series.

Where can we find your work?

Besides Utopia Falls streaming on Hulu and CBC Gem, I am also in the first 2 seasons of Wynonna Earp (Netflix). I also have a couple of movies that are airing in the states and in Canada right now; Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story and Nowhere to be Found/Secrets in a Small Town. If you’re a gamer, I can be found in Splinter Cell Blacklist and The Division 1 and 2. My work is kind of all over the place, so I try to keep everyone posted of what’s going on over social media.



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