Monos Luggage: Style, Strength and a Canadian Brand

Over the past few years I have been increasingly vigilant about buying Canadian products. Ideally made in Canada, but designed and headquartered in Canada is also a very good option.

Some items are a lot harder to find when you have that limitation. Tech for example is mostly designed in America or Asia and is almost always manufactured in Asia. Luggage is also something that I have not thought of buying Canadian before. It is something that you don’t buy very often and therefore don’t think about much. This is why I wanted to chat with Canadian luggage brand MONOS that is headquartered out of Vancouver when I heard about them.

Monos Luggage
Monos Luggage

Monos is a direct to consumer premium suitcase brand that comes in 4-sizes of its Aerospace-grade German polycarbonate hard shell. There are two sizes of carry-on and two for check-in. The colours are very quiet which I love. Some of our favourites include Desert Taupe, Olive Green, Blue Haze, and Ocean Blue. A new terrazzo print has added a patterned option to their normally one solid colour lineup.

The company has three founders with a passion for travel that led them do designing cases that they themselves would enjoy. Victor Tam, Hubert Chan and Daniel Shin left left their previous companies, and after successfully selling out their initial pre-order stock in just 3 hours in 2018, they set out on their goal of building Monos.

“We are passionate about creating more than just a brand, but a lifestyle that helps people travel more mindfully.” says Victor Tam, CEO and Co-Founder, Monos. “Travelling gave us the inspiration to create this product and what we’re most excited about is seeing the journey of our customers’ suitcases, where they travel and what inspiration that journey brings to their life.”

The cases are very light, the largest case which is 30” × 21” × 11” weighs 11.7 lb. with a volume of 99.2 L.

The smallest case with dimensions of 22” × 14” × 9” weighs in at 7.8 lb with a volume of 39.9 L.

The exterior design of the cases are very simple, minimalist. I was first attracted to the company by their incredible Instagram account which features beautifully coloured images of the suitcases travelling the world. THe colours of the cases are very neutral and look good everywhere they go.

monos luggage
Interiors – Carry-On on left, Check-In on right.

The interior are all broken down into segments that can be unlocked, unhinged, zipped and tucked. Each design has its main focus. The large case that I tested was compartmentalized for a 7-21 day trip. Separation and airflow for dirty laundry, soft 350D anti-microbial interior fabric, built-in compression pad and it includes an anti-microbial laundry bag and two shoe bags. It also comes with a vegan leather luggage tag.

The zippers are strong which is always a big pain if they are not. You want the mountain equipment co-op type zippers not the dollar store fanny pack zippers. Monos does well on this.

Movement is a big thing for a suitcase. Does this thing glide along easy and will the wheels break off? THE Monos suitcases use Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run 360° wheels and moves quickly and purposefully while running on 2 or all 4 wheels. This style is the way to go as it can move in the upright position or tipped using the telescopic handle.

Monos wants their customers to love their purchase. This is why they offer 100 days to try it and a free warranty for life. If you ever have an issue with the suitcase, they will replace it. They also offer 2-3 day shipping.


For more information on Monos and to check out their line of luggage, please visit their website.




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