Smoked yellowtail with broad bean puree, fennel seed and grapefruit mayonnaise

This is Chef Savreio Macri’s Smoked Yellowtail, a favourite at Toronto’s Don Alfonso 1890. He is taking part in FoodBall, October 4 2019, when local, national and international chefs will descend upon Toronto in an effort to raise funds and awareness for Sinai Health Foundation. More than 40 acclaimed chefs from around the world will donate their time and talent in support of this cause.


Smoked local yellowtail, broad bean puree with fennel seed and grapefruit mayonnaise

Serves 4


-160 g yellowtail, marinade and smoked
-40 g grapefruit mayonnaise
-80 g Broad beans puree
-4 ginger chips
-20 g dried orange zest
-Pink pepper
-Mint tips


1. In a corner of the dish make a quenelle with the broad beans puree

2. Cut the yellowtail in small slices and put them on the sauce

3. Decorate the dish with the mayonnaise and put the ginger chips on a side of the fish.

4. Terminate the dish with the orange zest and the pink pepper


Smoked yellow tail

Ingredients for 500 g:

-500 g yellowtail
-20 g fine salt
-15 g caster sugar


1. Mix salt and sugar and marinate the fillets of yellowtail with this compound

2. Let in the fridge for 3-4 hours depending on the size of the fillets

3. Clean with a humid cloth

4. Smoke at 30° for 18 minutes

Grapefruit mayonnaise

Ingredients for 750 g:

-500 g seed oil
-80 g yolk
-100 g grapefruit juice
-75 g lemon juice


1. Whip the egg yolks with the lemon juice and a pinch of salt, then add the oil.

2. In a small pan reduce the grapefruit juice. 

3. Let it cool and join the 2 compounds

Broad beans puree

Ingredients for 1,5 kg:

-500 g dried broad beans
-80 g spring onion
-Extra virgin olive oil (enough)
-Water (for soaking)
-Vegetable broth (enough)
-100 g fennel seeds


1. Soak the broad beans overnight

2. Put in a pan the spring onion cut at julienne with the oil

3. Add the broad beans and toast them at high flame, salt

4. Add vegetable broth and let cook 

5. Once they will be cooked whisk everything in a food blender.

6. Add the fennel seeds, adjust of salt and add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil

Yogurt sauce

Ingredients for 200 g:

-200 g white yogurt
-30 g chives


1. Cut the chives into small rings

2. Incorporate with the yogurt and adjust with salt

Ginger chips

-4 pieces of ginger
-5g corn flour
-Oil (to fry)


1. Dry the pieces of ginger and dredge them in the corn flour

2. Fry at 150° until the corn flour will become crispy

3. Dry from the oil, then salt



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