Beef Tartare from Chef Fawzi Kotb at Velouté Bistro and Catering

Chef Fawzi Kotb’s Velouté Bistro is a restaurant in Toronto’s Beach Village neighbourhood offering modern and memorable dishes. The popular eatery is located at 2343 Queen Street East, just east of Balsam Avenue. Starting July 3, locals and visitors can enjoy dinner at Velouté Bistro before the area’s “Movie Nights in the Park,” which take place on Wednesday nights at the nearby Ivan Forrest and Kew Gardens!

beef tartare

Beef Tartare 


-High quality beef tenderloin
-pickles (sour, not sweet!)
-Dijon mustard
-To taste: tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, truffle oil


1. Stir ingredients together, adding the last three ingredients slowly to taste.

2. Cut 3/4 oz. Beef tenderloin in a brunoise cut (small squares).

3. Add mix to sliced beef, stirring thoroughly.  Shape with culinary mold of choice.

4. Top with tete-de-moine cheese and fresh shaved parmesan cheese. 

5. Top with quail egg.


To eat: Toast bread for crostini.  Turn quail egg over onto tartare, mixing it in for a creamy texture.


For more information on Velouté Bistro check out their website.



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