Drop your phone, this app is cutting straight to meeting in real life

All you have to do is check up on your screen time to realize we spend far, far too long on our phones. With an app for almost everything, it’s honestly no surprise. Dating is no different. How many evenings have you whittled away swiping in front of the TV? Too many.

Drop your phone, this app is cutting straight to meeting in real life

“A dating app that gets you off your phone, and meet people in real life as fast as possible”

The Inner Circle is the online-meets-offline dating service that is disrupting the game. It’s designed from the ground up to get you outside and on a date as fast as possible. How? By eliminating swiping and gamification tricks to hook you on the app.

It achieves this in three steps:

First, as soon as you open the app you only see singles that are already a quality match. Each user is verified by a real person before being allowed on. They are then shown to each other based on their lifestyle, so you only see people that you would have swiped right on anyway, saving you a lot of time and a bad experiences.

Second, every major feature on The Inner Circle is about meeting in real life. It has identified the most popular bars, clubs and restaurants around based on popularity among other users.

This means you can see who shares your love for the same cool bar, connect to them directly and invite them for a drink there. Let’s be honest, how convenient is it that you already know the favourite spot of somebody so you can move easily from online chat to real life date?

Thirdly, and most successfully, it hosts its own exclusive member events. These aren’t the awkward speed dating nights you might have heard about. They are full blown parties with hundreds of singles partying in the most sought-after venues.

The Inner Circle members rate these as the most fun part of the app, as they combine all the benefits of meeting someone in real life with the ease and convenience of apps. They’re regularly held in cities across the world at unexpected and exclusive venues.

Drop your phone, this app is cutting straight to meeting in real life

This is why The Inner Circle is proving so disruptive, it’s where you can find a match in minutes and have all the tools to setup a date on the spot. Don’t like chatting at all? You can gain access to events in seconds and won’t have to wait for someone to show up in real life.

You can register for The Inner Circle for free here.



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