Bhalla Papdi Chaat Recipe from Chaska restaurant

This delicious meal is a traditional street food favourite and is also great for parties. Bhalla is a lentil dumpling, high in protein and delicious. Both the bhallas and papdis (crispy, fried dough) need to be made ahead for this tasty dish.

Bhalla Papdi Chaat

Bhalla Papdi Chaat Recipe


  • bhalla
  • papdi
  • boiled chana
  • boiled potatoes
  • yogurt
  • chatak masala
  • sweet chutney
  • Mint chutney (for topping)
  • Ginger, beets, pomegranate (anar) seeds (for garnish)


1. Place two bhallas on a plate with 10-12 papdis surrounding them.

2. Add one scoop of boiled chana (chickpeas) and one scoop of boiled potatoes.

3. Top with 3.5 scoops yogurt (use any kind of plain yogurt that has a smooth consistency).

4. Sprinkle with dry chatak masala (a blend of India spices) and spoon sweet chutney (tamarin chutney) over everything.

5. Top it off with mint chutney, ginger, beets and pomegranate (anar) seeds.



Building on the popularity of its first location in Mississauga, CHASKA opened a second eatery at 595 Bay St. in The Atrium on Bay building in February 2019.

Authentic street food that serves up a fresh alternative to traditional Indian cuisine.



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