Cameras ready! A big happy beach ball installation is coming to Toronto

The Redpath Waterfront Festival (June 22-24)  has announced what will be this year’s main attraction. We can all remember the Giant Rubber Duck that landed at our waterfront last summer that caused quite a sensation. Love it or not, it brought much needed tourism dollars and traffic back into the area that was recovering from flooding. So, what’s coming this year? We’ve learned that there will be a Giant Beach Ball Kinetic Installation titled the HTO Pendulum Wave, along side a whimsical H20-themed circus show.

beach ball

The installation is based on physical laws of science’s popular instrument the pendulum will suspend the beach balls from a truss frame that is 22 ft long and weights 19,000 lbs in total.

We had a chance to ask Kyle Hosick of Decor & More, about what we should be expecting. We’re pretty sure the city’s budding photographers and talented instagrammers will find ways to creatively show us their perspectives.

What was the inspiration to create such a fun outdoor installation?

We knew we had to go big and we wanted to embody a “fun in the sun” attitude with this installation. The beach balls not only allowed us to bring a bit of the sand and surf into the equation, but also became a great way to inject colour on a grand scale.

What challenges are you faced with in creating this and what are some ways you’re working around them?

The pendulum wave is based on a specific mathematical equation. The distance between the balls and the distance between the truss and each ball plays a specific role in how the wave functions. We had to do extensive testing to nail the look of the wave.

How many beach balls will be incorporated in the installation?

6 balls are being utilized.

What are the beach balls made of? 

Each beach ball is made of heavy duty vinyl. The balls are made up of individual colour panels that were sewn together.

What would you want the general public to know about the installation?

The installation is going to be truly unique and it’s grand scale will be a marvel for people of all-ages. By bringing a bit of science to the beach we intrigue imaginations and have fun while we do it!

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