Seven films to see at the Canadian Film Fest 2018

The Canadian Film Fest 2018 begins March 20 and runs until March 24th at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto located at 259 Richmond St. W.. We checked out a few of the films to give you an idea of what you should see. Here are those films.

Becoming Burlesque – Drama IMBD

Written and directed by Jackie English

Watch this socially-enlightening story about a multicultural family who struggles to balance traditional Christian and Muslim views, conflicting levels of dedication to religion and rebellious adult children within the same household.

Follow Fatima as she explores the boundaries of her chosen religion while also experiencing the potential of her inner and outer-beauty through the art of Burlesque.

How will Fatima’s Christian/Muslim family react to how she chooses to feel beautiful and liberated?

Enjoy a thoughtful and very effective soundtrack in this bold motion-picture.

The Go-Getters – Adventure/Comedy IMBD

Directed by Jeremy Lalonde
Written by Aaron Abrams and Brendan Gall

If you think a drunk man being urinated on while passed-out is belly-shakingly hilarious then this provocative tale of that same drunk man and his freshly acquired partner in crime, a drug-addicted prostitute, is just for you.

Follow this precarious pair as they, by any means necessary, try to squander enough cash to hop towns and leave the place that chewed them up and then spit them out.

Curious about how far a drunk and an addict will go to succeed in their goals?

Do not miss this magnificent display of unique one-on-one dialogue.

A Swingers Weekend – Drama IMBD

Directed by Joe E. Cohen
Written by Joe E. Cohen and Nicola Sammaroff

Some couples like to spice up their sex life. Big purple dildos and such. Sex can become repetitive and after all, we are only human.

Tune into this couple of couples who plan to have a steamy partner-swapping weekend in a beautiful country home. Everything seems like a great match but then, whammi! A surprise third couple enters the equation and things get extra spicy. Or do they?

Through genuinely-awkward wittiness and classic humour done in good-taste, this film appeals to couple’s who are comfortable in their sexuality and with one another.

The Drawer Boy – Drama IMBD

Directed by Arturo Perez Torrez and Aviva Armour-Ostroff
Written by Michael Healy and Arturo Perez Torrez.

Witness a clash of small-town conservative Ontario farmers with the liberal big-city artists of Toronto. Can creativity completely alter one’s perception of reality?

Sometimes people are trying to find a lost or unknown character for different reasons. Sometimes it’s easy to adapt to someone else’s unique way of portraying something. We are manipulated quite easily when faced with stark contrast.

Relax to this thought-provoking and scenically-beautiful film that looks at difference and how we are effected by each other in many ways.


Ordinary Days – Drama/Mystery IMBD

Directed by Kris Booth, Jordan Canning and
Renuka Jeyapalan
Written by Roman Barckert

The terror of a missing person grabs people in different ways. The quest to find one who has been lost is daunting and exhausting for all those involved.

If you have children as I do, you can unavoidably sometimes think about their sudden disappearance and how horrific that would be.

Enter that pain and experience it from three different perspectives in this heart-shaking film.

The grieving family, the struggling case-detective and the missing woman all show how their same connected experience plays out from their own points of view.


The Cannon – Drama IMBD

Directed and Written by Marshall Axani

Male pornstars do eventually time out. Fall in love with this seasoned adult film star as he skates the edge of emotionless sex, recent divorce and raising a teen daughter.

How far would you go to protect something that you had a big hand in creating with your glorious penis?

Will our beloved sex-seller be enticed by the riches of the corporate influence or will he choose to support his porn family and maintain a relationship with his daughter?


Prodigals – Drama IMBD

Directed by Michelle Oulette
Written by Sean Monogue and Nicholas Carella

Growing up in a small town has it’s perks. However, there is no better way to get judged by everyone in town than by leaving for years and then coming back for a visit.

Watch the old eyes glare as they pick apart the possible weaknesses you’ve acquired since your departure.

Imagine your friend is on trial and you’ve been asked to give specialized help in your field of work. Would you do it? I’m sure most would.

But what about if you have told everyone you are something that you’re not?

Watch the truths unfold in this raw drama.



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