Siu Mai Recipe from Susur Lee’s Luckee Restaurant

Siu Mai Recipe Luckee Restaurant
Photo: Siu Mai by Susur Lee at Luckee Restaurant in Toronto

Toronto Chef Susur Lee’s new restaurant Luckee, in Toronto, shared with us their recipe for Siu Mai. Test out the Dim Sum dish at home and stay tuned for another Toronto chef recipe.


Diced Chicken White & Dark Meat (50/50) Meat – 454 g.
Shrimp Diced – 360 g.
Mushroom Diced – 120 g.
Salt – 8 g.
Sugar – 16 g.
Potato Starch – 16 g.
White Pepper – 4 g.
Sesame Oil – 15 ml.
Dried Orange Skin – 5 g.


Mix chicken meat with salt, potato starch until combined.
Add shrimp and mix.
Then add mushrooms and mix.
Add sugar, white pepper, sesame oil and dried orange skin, mix again.
Shape the mixture into 45g balls and form into small cylinders. Steam in bamboo steamer for 15-20 minutes and enjoy.


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