Toronto Roller Derby to Compete in International Roller Derby Play-offs

Toronto Roller Derby


Toronto roller derby team CN Power are fundraising for a trip to Salem, OR from September 27-29 for a WFTDA Division One Competition.

With 7 years of training and development under their belt, CN Power will make their inaugural showing in the big leagues of competitive flat track roller derby

Toronto’s team is ranked #2 in Canada and #39 in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Montreal’s New Skids on the Block are ranked #1 in Canada, # 8 WFTDA) and Vancouver’s Terminal City All-Stars are ranked #3 in Canada, #38 WFTDA. Toronto will be representing Canada against top-tier teams from across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

“As amateur athletes, Toronto Roller Derby is looking to off-set close to $18,000 of team travel costs to Salem, OR and is seeking community support via IndieGoGo:  You can also check out the team’s season highlight reel here:

 The Toronto Roller Derby league is an independently founded organization, 100% owned and operated by the skaters and referees. Established in 2006, the league is comprised of seven teams: Home teams Gore-Gore Rollergirls, Smoke City Betties, Chicks Ahoy!, and the Death Track Dolls, farm team the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DVAS), B-team Bay Street Bruisers, and all-star CN Power to represent the league in travel play across Canada and the United States.

Toronto Roller Derby’s CN Power are: 

Caitlin Watson – Dusty (C), #2 | Jill Sole – Lady Gag-ya (C), #212  | Alexandra Evans – Bruiseberry Pie, #31  |
Alicia Bernard – Bambi, #33 | Amanda Caskie – Jubilee, #27  | Amanda Seddon – Chronic, #60  |
Ann Slinger – Panty Hoser, #99   |  Breanne Patterson – Motorhead Molly, #204  | Jenna Cloughley – Mia Culprit, #22  |
Kathleen Goldman – Dyna Hurtcha, #21 | Krizsanta Greco – Santa Muerte, #111 |  Linda Baca – Kookie Doe, #807  |
Liz Govier – Betty Bomber, #23  |  Megan McPhail – Mega Mouth, #26   | Natasha Jesenak – Nasher the Smasher, #2×4  |
Rebel Rock-it, #7  | Renata Loranca – Renny Rumble, #1205  |  Saira Peesker – Candy Crossbones, #2020 |
Sienna Traboulay – Bala-Reina, #905  | Tara O-Brien – Tara Part, #L7  | Amy Dalbello – Ames to Kill (R), #747  ||
Joel “The Reverand” Ramirez (Bench Coach / Manager)     | Stephen “SonicDoom” Brydson (Bench Coach / Manager)


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