Public memorial planned for Toronto’s beloved Conrad the Raccoon

It was in the early hours of July 9, 2015, when one of the city’s racoons was found lifeless at the corner of Yonge and Church. For over 12 hours, Conrad laid on the sidewalk lifeless. Torontonians began creating a memorial shrine complete with flowers, cards, photos, and candles using the hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO and it quickly trended on social media.

Public memorial planned for Toronto's beloved Conrad the Raccoon

While raccoons are found across our urban jungle this particular morning touched many hearts. Citizens of Toronto named the raccoon, Conrad, and to this day, he serves as a reminder that there is still heartfelt moments in this city. A day-long memorial service is planned on the anniversary of Conrad’s death and we are all invited to pay our respects.

The Museum of Toronto will remember the 9th anniversary of this significant date in the city.  A day-long memorial will be held onsite this coming Tuesday, July 9 from 12pm to 5 pm.

For many of us, it was a reminder that life is too precious and that we share the space with other living creatures.

The upcoming memorial is a public event that is part of the Museum of Toronto’s latest exhibition, Toronto Gone Wild, an exhibition exploring the city as a habitat — not only for humans but for all animal and plant life, including raccoons – the unofficial mascot of Toronto.

This is incredibly well thought out exhibition runs until Fall 2024 and is FREE. It’s open to the public Wednesday to Saturday, 12 pm to 6 pm. Great for all ages. There are also interactive activities for kids and adults. The Museum of Toronto is located at 401 Richmond Street West.

Public memorial planned for Toronto's beloved Conrad the Raccoon

BTW, if you cannot attend the #DeadRaccoonTO Memorial service but would like to pay tribute in your own backyard, leave your green bin open the night of July 9th as a sign of respect and mourning.

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