Introducing the rest: Sleep Country’s Ultra-Premium Brand for Luxury Sleep

Discover the epitome of luxury sleep with the new brand introduced by Sleep Country – the rest.

Offering a curated, ultra-premium sleep collection in select locations, the rest redefines the concept of luxury sleep. With handcrafted mattresses made from the finest materials like horsehair, Joma wool, and Cashmere, along with a selection of premium bedding and customized duvets, the rest provides an unparalleled sleep experience.

Sleep Country - The Rest

In this exclusive interview, we speak with Stewart Schaefer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sleep Country, to learn more about the inspiration behind the rest, the curated collection, the shopping experience, and future expansion plans. Join us as we delve into the world of ultimate luxury in sleep and discover why “the rest” is set to revolutionize the way Canadians rest.

Can you tell us more about the rest, the new brand being introduced by Sleep Country? What sets it apart from your existing offerings?

Sleep Country and the rest are complimentary offerings to Canadian consumers. While Sleep Country is Canada’s leading speciality sleep retailer with a national footprint of bricks and mortar stores and a wide variety of sleep products from some of the world’s leading sleep brand, the rest offers a more curated, ultra-premium, bespoke sleep collection within a limited number of locations.

The rest’s first retail boutique, now open at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, truly redefines luxury sleep and provides consumers with the utmost personal care and guidance to find their absolute best rest. Offering a curated selection of 14 mattress models, many of the mattresses are hand tufted and made from the highest-quality materials, including horsehair, with its natural antibacterial properties, soft durable Joma wool, moisture-wicking Alpaca, and Cashmere. Additionally, the rest offers consumers a hand selected assortment of premium bedding and exquisite personalized duvets, to further meet the expectations of discerning Canadian consumers.

What was the inspiration behind creating an ultra-premium concept retail boutique like the rest? How does it align with Sleep Country’s overall mission and values?

The rest was inspired by those who know a good night’s sleep is priceless and a growing segment of discerning customers looking for the world’s best in luxury and sleep. Like Sleep Country’s purpose to transform lives by awakening Canadians to the power of sleep, the rest is committed to helping Canadians experience the very best in luxury sleep to get their absolute best rest.


How did you curate the collection of luxurious, hand-crafted, and exclusive products available at the rest? What factors were considered in the selection process?

From the beginning, our team has been hyper focused on getting every little detail right within the collection – meticulously selecting the world’s most exquisite materials, artisanal designs, and sophisticated technology for our discerning customer. The carefully curated collection of 14 mattress models, a hand selected assortment of bedding collections and exquisite personalized duvets embody a level of artistry that transcends time and trends. This is a collection consumers won’t find anywhere else.

Can you describe the shopping experience customers can expect when visiting the rest at Yorkdale Mall?

From the moment consumers walk in the door, they will be immersed in luxury and a totally personalized shopping experience. Our Sleep Concierge help guide consumers through the process of finding the perfect luxury bed, personalized duvets and a perfect pillow to help them achieve their absolute best rest. Once they have made their choice, consumers will experience to a white-glove service and red-carpet, next day delivery.

Sleep Country - The Rest

What are some of the standout features of the world’s most exceptional mattresses offered at the rest?

Our team has curated a selection to offer our customers a total of 14 very unique, luxurious mattresses. Each is made with only the best materials and craftmanship to offer incredible sleep experiences. Across the curated collection, many of the mattresses are hand tufted and made from the highest-quality materials, including horsehair, with its natural antibacterial properties, soft durable Joma wool, moisture-wicking Alpaca, and Cashmere. A number of the models have been made exclusively for the rest.

In addition to mattresses, what other products and accessories can customers find at the rest?

The rest also offers a hand selected assortment of premium bedding collections and personalized duvets made from the finest quality materials.

What are your expansion plans for the rest beyond the Yorkdale store? Which key markets are you targeting and why?

Yorkdale Shopping Centre was a natural choice for our flagship, first retail boutique. Already a premiere destination for global luxury brands, the rest is in good company and just steps away from many of the other most sought-after brands. We envision the rest will be expanding into other markets in 2024 and will share more details soon.

How do you see the rest complementing and enhancing Sleep Country’s position as a leading specialty sleep retailer in Canada?

With almost 30 years of sleep expertise in Canada, the rest is a complimentary addition to our leadership in sleep and retail. A modern and contemporary brand, it offers a growing number of discerning consumers a luxury sleep option as they pursue their best rest.


Can you share how Sleep Country, with the addition of the rest, is poised to address evolving customer demands and preferences?

The rest is the answer for the discerning customers who know a good night’s sleep is priceless. As consumer preferences continue to change and they prioritize sleep and wellness, the rest, Sleep Country and all of partners, products and services will continue to evolve to not only meet, but exceed, every expectation.

Finally, what message would you like to convey to customers who aspire to experience the ultimate luxury in sleep and choose the rest as their destination for premium sleep products?

For those that dream of enveloping themselves in pure luxury, the rest is open now [Yorkdale Shopping Centre] and our Sleep Concierge and white glove service is ready to them find their very best rest.



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