Gamers in Toronto Can’t Seem to Get Enough of These Online Games

All over the world, there is a massive pool of gamers who love to log online and enjoy their favourite titles. This is largely because of all the great ways in which video games have developed over the years. From updated consoles to better graphics, it feels like there are always new reasons to play games on a regular basis.

This is something that is definitely evident in Toronto. This great city has a massive gaming community, with so many great players coming from here. Although there is a great mix in regards to the variety of games that these players enjoy, there are definitely some that stand out over others. If you want to know what game titles the players in Toronto can’t get enough of, then check out the following.


Fortnite really burst onto the scene a couple of years ago, attracting gamers of all ages to the title. This wasn’t a surprise when you consider its fun play staff and competitive nature. Fortnite definitely was not a flash in the pan, either. It has continued to grow in order to become one of the most beloved video games in recent memory. It definitely has a huge fan base in Toronto as well. There are thousands of residents of the city who enjoy playing this battle royale game on a regular basis. Even one of the most famous people to ever come from Toronto, Drake, is a massive fan of the game. He played with some famous streamers in past years and made his love for the game well known.


There is no doubt that Canadian players love to play at online casinos. There are plenty of physical outlets in Toronto for them to play at, too; however, the quality of these online sites is certainly hard to rival.

One of the most popular game options when they do log on is definitely blackjack. When visiting sites like Jackpot Casino – blackjack online is really one of the most sought after games. On this site, there are so many different ways to play; you don’t have just one classic blackjack option. With many different ways to play, it is no surprise that so many people in Toronto love playing this game. Not to mention this site also supports many different ways to pay. This can make it a more accessible gaming option for people all around Canada.


Over recent years, soccer is a sport that has really gained a lot of attention in Toronto and all over Canada. This is largely because of the national team’s success in qualifying for the 2023 world cup. This popularity has seen a recent increase in players enjoying FIFA 23, which is the leading soccer video game around the world. Here, players are able to take control of their favourite Canadian players. Not to mention that Toronto players can enjoy playing with Toronto FC and use athletes like Lorenzo Insigne.



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