Epilepsy Toronto faces funding shortfall after fundraiser shutdown

The Holiday Nights of Lights drive-through was “An immersive experience like none other, featuring more than 1,000,000 LED lights animated and synchronized to your favourite Holiday tunes.” The event, which took place in Vaughan, was a fundraising partner with Epilepsy Toronto who through the even, aimed to fill the fundraising gap many charities and non profits are facing this year due to COVID-19. The winter holiday themed event was a follow up to a successful Halloween event with a similar idea and was meant to take place until January 7th, 2021.

With the new lockdown restrictions in place, the Holiday Nights of Lights was forced to close early, leaving their fundraising goals out of reach, despite their efforts to make the event COVID safe. A message on their website and in an email sent to local publications, the organization shared their frustrations.

“These events have been designed to be contactless, Covid safe and provide much needed joy and holiday cheer during these difficult times. Please know that we’ve been working relentlessly behind the scenes to overturn this decision and be permitted to continue to operate, similar to drive-thru fast food chains or retailers who offer curb side pick up.”

Epilepsy Toronto has been in service to those who live with epilepsy for 60 years, providing a place where they can learn more about their condition, get the help they need and be a part of a family of caring and supporting people. The organization works with people from the first diagnosis, throughout childhood and through to adulthood, where a whole new set of challenges present themselves.

“Through Epilepsy Toronto’s programs, individuals can participate in trainings to build confidence and skills, share their medical concerns and challenges, discuss coping methods with people who understand, involve their schools or workplaces in awareness building, enjoy an outing with friends, learn about the latest epilepsy news and enjoy being in a place they can call “home”.”

If you wish to help support Epilepsy Toronto, please visit their website.




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