The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience arrives in Toronto

Fans of the Netflix series Bridgerton now have the opportunity to meet Queen Charlotte in Toronto in hopes of bringing home the title as this season’s Diamond. The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience is a stunning immersive event and is what Duchess’ dreams are made of.

Based on the popular Netflix Shondaland series (originating on the book series by Julia Quinn), this glamorous setting gives fans the opportunity to feel like you’ve stepped into the show. Housed inside a massive studio space on the Port Lands in Toronto, it is a dreamy fun time especially for those who love the series. And there are definitely a lot of fans!

Follow the path to the beautiful Wisteria lined entrance where you’ll be led to the grand ballroom. The Queen’s consort highly recommends you be timely for her grand entrance. You won’t want to miss it! Tip: be creative when you meet her- remember she’s looking for stand outs.

Everyone is encouraged to dress for the Queen’s Ball. There are tips provided ahead of time for dress, hair, and make up. You don’t have to but it’s worth the effort as there are many who are up for playing along. We were so very impressed with the creativity and looks of those who attended the night we were there. If you feel a little underdressed, or not quite polished for the Ball, there is a shop right at the entrance where affordable long or lacy gloves, sparkly necklaces and tiaras are available for purchase — they also make for great souvenirs, and who knows when you’ll need a tiara again, right?

What’s all this talk about the Diamond? This person is considered the most captivating and worthy choice for any potential suitors personally selected by the Queen. This person holds the grace and elegance emitting beauty inside and out.

Aside from the Queen’s quest to seek out “the one”, guests of this experience also have fun learning a few dance moves (don’t worry, they are easy to follow).  Guests are also entertained by several performers throughout the first half of the experience. The live music brings the experience full circle with familiar songs from the series (think Taylor Swift pop music played by a string quartet). Once the Diamond is selected, the celebration continues! Tip: wear your dancing shoes!

The second portion of the Bridgerton Experience takes guests into another room where costumes from the show are on display in glass cases. Several sets have been recreated for guests to take photos to keep the memories going. What we appreciated were the staff on hand to help with photos — they seem to capture all the best angles! There’s a popular digital painting set that allows guests to give images more depth and a painted texture if they choose.

Of course there are Bridgerton themed cocktails at the bar as well as macarons for sale. No other food is available on the premises so plan to eat before or after. If you opt for the VIP experience, you’ll be offered a glass of sparkling wine as well as a dedicated area to rest your feet with a great overview of the ballroom.

Aside from a fun escape where people can dress up, we wanted to find out from various guests why they were there. One man treated his wife for her birthday and had rented costumes. “She’s such a fan of the show and I knew this would be a fun way to celebrate,” he mentioned. His wife agreed this was the most original and unforgettable birthday. Another group of friends mentioned how they wanted to do something different and loved all the dancing and music. A group of older women completely decked out in Regency wear said they “showed up for Queen Charlotte!”

All in all it is a great night out that seems to bring joy to many. Hey, we’re not gonna kill that vibe!

So, will you be the chosen one or will you be fodder for Lady Whistledown’s society papers?

Tickets and more info are available online at the official The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience website. Aside from Toronto, the experience is also currently running in Minneapolis and Denver. Once you’ve purchased tickets, you’ll have access to even more info to help enhance your experience.

Leave ample time to get there – construction in the area will add to your travel time.



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