Courage Cookies deliver good treats and a good feeling

Courage Cookies is a small business that serves up amazing cookies from their location at 1561 Dundas St. W. They also give back to the community one cookie at a time! Courage Cookies offers around 30+ rotating flavours, with vegan and gluten-free options available.

Courage Cookies

Courage Cookies has vowed that as long as they are in the business of selling cookies, they will donate a portion of their revenue to support those in need. “We’re excited to feed you, our fellow Canadians, our favourite buttery cookies and have you not feel horrible about it knowing your money is going towards a great cause!”

Courage Cookies offers some of the best vegan cookies I have ever tried. I love how their cookies have the perfect ratio of chocolate to dough along with the perfect hint of salt that balances the cookies for an amazing, fulfilling cookie experience.

Courage Cookies

Some of the vegan cookies they offer include: Chocochunk and Oreo (but they rotate)

Some of the gluten-free cookies they offer include: Brown butter, Chocochunk and Brown Butter Mini Egg.

Some of their other cookie options include: Coconut & Mascarpone stuffed Matcha, Salted Truffle stuffed Double Dark Chocolate, Brown Butter Rice Krispie, White Chocolate Macadamia.

My favourite cookie from Courage Cookies is Chocolate Chunk w/Sea Salt.

Their 6-pack of cookies costs $18.75 and their 12-pack costs $35

Courage Cookies

Courage Cookies was one of the first small businesses that supported my dream of being a food blogger. They made my dream and showed me this whole new amazing realm of vegan cookies!

Courage Cookies will always have a special place in my heart and tummy! Their cookies are fantastic, have many varieties and donate proceeds to various charities every month.

Check them out on their website and Instagram!



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